Hypertrichosis (Werewolf Syndrome)

Hypertrichosis is a genetic disorder that triggers uncontrolled hair growth due to physical defects like non-functioning of endocrine gland, infections, mutation, malnutrition, drugs or hereditary factors. Also called werewolf syndrome, it leads to hair formation in unwanted areas generally exempting the hands, feet and eyes. Werewolf syndrome is a rare condition which affects only one person among ten billions. Hypertrichosis either originates during birth or develops after a person grows up especially on the verge of puberty. A person affected by hypertrichosis is often devastated since he is physically abnormal and cruel people taunt them.

In ancient times, werewolves mostly thought of as evil spirits were often sacrificed and they were not allowed to lead a normal life. The hair that is normally affected due to werewolf syndrome is the vellus hair, which is hazily present all over the body. These hairs due to hormonal changes or genetic mutations start growing uncontrollably with individual distinctions in growth variations. It is common for people with hypertrichosis to have imperfect teeth and erratic growth of gums, a reason why people identify them with names like ape man, werewolf or wolf man.

Werewolf syndrome is being researched and still no cure has been sought for the disease. Since the symptoms rarely occur in people, medical treatments have not evolved properly to treat people who are affected. Bleaching, waxing, electrolysis or laser treatments used in cosmetic treatments lighten the problems faced by hypertrichosis affected persons temporarily or permanently. Regular shaving controls the disheveled appearance of a hypertrichosiatic. Bleaching and laser procedures during hair removal for werewolf syndrome affected people must be professionally done with the help of a cosmetician. People often were and still are terrified of werewolves since it is an uncommon phenomenon.

Werewolves lead an isolated life because very few people identify hypertrichosis as an ailment. Hypertrichosis is often associated with amazing mythological stories. The common conviction is that human beings transform into werewolves especially on full moon days. Even today, werewolves are normally employed in circuses or as beggars as they are not allowed to lead a natural life.


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