Hurray For Eerie Cuties!

ec20090826I already mentioned this on but since the latest storyline has been full of werewolf-y goodness I thought I’d share it here as well. I’m talking about an awesome and totally adorable webcomic called Eerie Cuties. Who says werewolves and vampire have to be serious and fearsome all the time? This comic mixes mass amounts of cuteness in with a sick and bloody sense of humor, and the results are ten kinds of awesome.

Eerie Cuties is a hilarious comic mixed with a bit of horror and a huge amount of adorable that is sure to give you a pleasant cuteness overdose. The comic thus far is about a supernatural high school, full of all sorts of little supernatural beasties. While this comic is still relatively young it already has an assortment of fun and amusing characters. Without giving the story away, the cast so far consists of 14-year-old and totally lovable vampire, Nina Delacroix and her not so cutesy blood loving 16-year-old vampire sister Layla Delacroix (who wears an awesome emotive hairclip that totally I want). Then you have the semi creepy Blair, a toy doll…who is possessed by a male soul. You also have Nina’s new friend Chloe who is a succubus and Layla’s friend Kade Whiteclaw who is a werecat (a super huggable werecat that makes you smile nonstop). Oh and a werewolf of course! Ace Wolfhart is the werewolf in this story and he can’t stand vampires, so being stuck in a class with a totally oblivious vamp doesn’t go smoothly for him. I don’t want to ruin any more for you so I’ll stop now.

Eerie Cuties is written and drawn by New-Brunswick born Gisèle “Giz” Lagacé.  You may know Giz from her other webcomic work on Cool Cat Studio, Penny & Aggie and Ménage à 3 (another huge favorite of mine). Eerie Cuties is colored by Miguel Marques.

So far Eerie Cuties has been one pleasant surprise after another. The artwork and the story continue to get better and better. I can’t wait to see what else Giz has in store for us.

Also, to see a bigger version of the picture above just click on it. Enjoy!

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