Hunting Ground, by Patricia Briggs

After reading Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs, I had to pick up Hunting Ground, the next book in the Alpha and Omega series. I was pretty excited about reading it because Briggs just had me hooked with Cry Wolf. I liked Hunting Ground just as much, and I’m hoping that Briggs is hoping to add more onto the series.

In Hunting Ground, Charles and Anna are more in love than ever. Bran, Charles’ dad, wants all werewolves to go public, and reveal themselves for who they really are. A summit is being held so that the Alphas wolves of the world can meet with Bran, but Charles has a gut instinct that tells him that very bad things will happen if Bran attends the summit himself. So, Charles and Anna go in his place.

When they first arrive they meet Dana, a fae, and it’s unclear as to if they should really trust them. Anna feels especially uncomfortable in her presence, which says that the fae is not to be trusted. But then again, Charles was her lover at one time so really, how bad could she be? But still, the power of the fae is not to be underestimated and they are very, very powerful.

Then there’s the fact that Anna, in the presence of many, many Alphas, is scared like a chicken. She almost seemed too weak to me, and I understand what Briggs was trying to do by showing the audience how much stronger Anna becomes throughout the book but, it was a bit of overkill. Still, the gentleness that Charles shows to her, and he is incredibly sensitive to just how fragile she is. That rings through loud and clear throughout the book, and their relationship is something that all great love stories are made of.

Of course, the biggest problem in the book is that there seems to be a pack of savage killers out on the loose that not only want to brutally kill other humans as well as one very major pain in the ass werewolf, who albeit a pain in the ass, still didn’t deserve the brutal murder he received. Add to all of this that someone is trying to pin the murder on Charles, and that these same savages are trying to abduct Anna, and you have a book that’s action-packed from beginning to end.

Some of my favorite parts of the book were when Anna was talking about being an Omega wolf. Not because it showed me any great insight to her character, necessarily. I just liked reading about the different wolves, their places in the pack, and how they interact with each other. Hearing all the other Alphas talk to each other was pretty cool too, as was seeing how all the other werewolves treated Charles with utmost respect.

Hunting Ground was only published last summer and I’m really, really hoping that Patricia Briggs isn’t planning on ending Anna and Charles’ story here. I suppose in the meantime, until Briggs comes up with another adventure for these two wolves to take together, I may just have to start reading her Mercy Thompson series.


  1. I really love Brazil… But sometimes, i REALLY hate Brazil. FUCK! Ins’t there a single fucking werewolf book out there? I really want to read some Lycantrophe licterature ._.

    Serious, the only ones we have is the Werewolf: The apocalypse/Forsaken, Cycle of the Werewolf from Sthephen King… ANd only that… I’m still searching for more werewolfs books ._.

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