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Huge Werewolf Run ‘Bloodrunner’ in Maylaysia, July 2015

FORGET Edward Cullen, Team Jacob is where the party’s at (the Twilight series desecrated the vampire mythology but did have a great werewolf ambassador in Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black). 

Bloodrunner is going to be like, a huge international event organized by a local agency in Putrajaya, Sw1tch Strategies; there are 5,000 spots open for runners, and will be held as the first ever werewolf race. It’s also going to be a long one; racers will be running a 10 kilometer route, with theatrical werewolf elements, –monsters jumping out and scaring –or at least trying to scare, –the runners into motivation. I mean… everyone is always saying, “I only run when someone’s chasing me,” –well, here we go. Werewolves are going to chase you… or you can dress as a werewolf, and do the chasing. 

And hey, if you choose not to do any running, there is still going to be a huge werewolf-y themed festival grounds being set up near the route. There are more details, and it’s going to be a really awesome event, with a lot of global participants. If you have the money to go to Malaysia in July to race with werewolves… well, can you think of a better way to spend it?

source: www.therakyatpost.com

annimi • April 14, 2015

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