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Howlin’ Mad

A recent recording of a howl in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland could have been made by a Bigfoot or the legendary Ohio Grassman.

Science demands physical evidence. For anything, and certainly for claims of a more fantastical nature. Bodies, bones. Photographs won’t do it. Neither will video or audio recordings. But are they enough to convince YOU? Take a listen to this and let me know: (http://bfro.net/avevid/SOUNDS/Cuyahoga_OH_howl_March_2015-clip.mp3) What we’re talking about here is the existence of a subhuman, or PART human, creature, a man-beast. Call it what you will. Whatever is making that howling sound, you can’t deny it’s creepy as hell.

The recording was made at a remote section of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio in the spring of this year. At night, I would suspect. What is it? It’s not a coyote, and the park doesn’t have any resident wolves. It isn’t a dog or a bear. And it’s worth noting that Ohio is the reputed home of its very own cryptid, a vegetarian version of Bigfoot called the “Grassman” that is supposedly way more aggressive than its hirsute cousin. So much for all vegetarians being peace-loving hippies.

source: mysteriousuniverse.org


The Evil Cheezman • September 13, 2015

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