Howl: Everything the Modern Werewolf Needs to Know by Serena Valentino

Yet another werewolf guide book is coming soon to store shelves. Howl: Everything the Modern Werewolf Needs to Know by Serena Valentino will be released September 25, 2012. Even though it’s not a serious guide on werewolves and even though I already have a bookshelf full of werewolf non-fiction, I am oddly excited about the release of this book. One, it looks awesome, every page is a stunning work of art, and two, it seems like a fun book. Check out the details below:

“Written for the lycanthropic teen (or the aspiring werewolf hunter), this quirky, fast-paced, visually compelling guide has it all—fashion, make-up, movies, dating, dealing with the inevitable full-moon parties, and more. Fast-paced, funny, colorful, and good for the whole pack.”

Here is the MASSIVE list of everything the book is filled with:

PART ONE: Unleashing Your Wild Side

  • 12 What is Your Werewolf Archetype?
  • 14 Know Your Werewolves
  • 22 How to Get Your Wolf On
  • 24 Signs You’re a Werewolf
  • 26 Transformation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • 28 Are You a Menace to Society?
  • 30 Suppress Your Wolf Nature
  • 31 Embrace Your Wild Side
  • 32 Hungry Like the Wolf
  • 34 Understand Your Powers
  • 37 Save Your Pelt from Human Hunters
  • 38 Tools of the Trade
  • 40 Supernatural Friends and Foes
  • 42 Welcome to the Pack
  • 46 Lunar Chart
  • 49 Hiding the Signs from Humans
  • 51 Dating Hints

PART TWO: The Stylish Lycanthrope

  • 54 Dealing With Clothes
  • 56 Wolfman Makeup Tips
  • 59 Fearsome Fashion: Lycan & Leather
  • 60 Stunning Fashion: Cute & Foxy
  • 63 Friendly Fashion: Hunky Nature Lover
  • 64 Fearless Fashion: Warrior Princess
  • 66 Identify Your Inner Wolf
  • 68 Choose Your Werewolf Name
  • 72 Find Your Ideal Den
  • 80 It’s a Wild Werewolf Party
  • 82 Werewolf Party Recipes
  • 84 Werewolf Bands
  • 86 Songs to Make You Howl
  • 89 Prowl these Vacation Hot Spots
  • 90 See the World of the Wolf
  • 92 Sweet Werewolf Ride
  • 94 Things to Do for Many, Many, Moons

PART THREE: Moonlight Mastery

  • 102 Test Your Werewolf Knowledge
  • 104 Real-Life Werewolves
  • 107 They Get Mistaken for Werewolves All the Time
  • 108 Legends and Lore
  • 112 A Natural History of the Wolf
  • 114 Hey Lycanthropes!
  • 116 The Literary Lycanthrope
  • 119 Graphic Depictions of Werewolfery
  • 120 Yellow Eyes, Silver Screen
  • 122 For Further Full-Moon Viewing
  • 125 Werewolves on TV
  • 126 Games for the Whole Pack to Play
  • 130 A Wild and Wonderful World Awaits

Yeah, totally not a super serious book. But it’s a fun sounding one. Plus I love how visually appealing it is.

Anyone here thinking about picking up this silly guide?

– Moonlight

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