How to Handle the Full Moon with Dignity

full_moon_small1. Always Have an Almanac – You’ll always need to know exactly which day the full moon falls on, so be sure to get a good calendar or almanac, and hang it from the wall, or keep it in your pocket. If you’re thinking why you’ll need it always, if it’s only one day a month, –it will also remind you to make your plans around those two important dates; the night before and the morning of.

2. Plan Your Shift Ahead of Time – Part of handling and dealing with your full moon transformation is having all your plans settled far in advance; be assertive, don’t let anyone enforce any plans on you for that night. No, not even sex, or a hot date; unless you want to be the kind of werewolf who gets caught fast, betrays the rest of your race, etc. You’ll have to keep others in mind, not just humans but werewolves as well.

prison3. Choose Area: Cell or Wilderness – Regardless of what you think, the chances you’ll come across another person are about the same, if you choose either of these. If you make a cell in your own home, there’s always the chance you’ll get loose and attack the neighbors, or worse, people who live with you. On the flip side, there’s also the chance someone could come to investigate. The woods are safer, but there’s still the chance of encountering late night hikers, poachers, or campers. Move closer to a federally restricted nature preserve, if you have to; you’ll have to make life changes for this to work!

forest4. Bring Supplies – Just the basics; a change of clothes, a bottle of water, granola for breakfast, or energy bars for the hike back to wherever you parked. Pack things you think you’ll need, and a spare wallet with emergency cash and ID. Leave your pack somewhere hidden and safe, and be sure it’s in a place you can find the next morning.

werewolves_packs5. Look for Signs of Other Weres in Your Selected Area – Sniff around, literally and figuratively; get acquainted with the area you plan to shift in, and look for signs of other werewolves. Avoiding them would be the most responsible thing to do, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous…

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