How To Become A Werewolf

A werewolf is a human who has the ability to turn into a wolf-like beast. Though it is once though you must either be bitten by a werewolf or have a placed with said curse placed on your in order to become a werewolf many other ways are also effective. As a man, after stripping of your human attire, you place either a wolfskin belt or the entire animals hide. Another method is to apply a cursed ointment to the skin. It is said too that a man who drinks from a specific magical river or even out of a single footprint of a werewolf may himself become this beast.

Other avenues include guzzling a specially made beer followed by imitating a set formula, being born of a specific date of the year and the simple fact of being born of both a werewolf mother and father. It is well known that the transformation from human to beast happens only under appearance of the full moon and is most often following a period of anxiety and discomfort or restlessness. After this initial phase, you begin to jerk violently and your muscles contract erratically during the actual transformation process. You will then be drawn to the nearest darkly forested area.

If you succeed in this transformation you will be granted superior senses and strength to both human and wolf. You must be leery of humans who know your true self, since there are ways a human can tell if you are indeed a lycanthrope, or werewolf. If a human comes at you with a knife, flee, for if you are cut with said weapon, your thick coat of hair will be exposed, therefore, shedding light on your true image. It is also known that you have bristles under your tongue, so it is imperative that you keep this sight from all humans. Though you appear invincible, this is not so. Your one weakness is to be shot with a pure silver bullet. This action would surely end your life.


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My life as a wolf has improved greatly with your tips. I love you, for you have granted me the gift of furriness and werewolf. I am eternally grateful. By the way, how can i make my father dispose of his silver bullet gun. It scared me.

    1. that Reubenarmd guy is dumb you can’t die from a silver bullet you can but only shot in the head or heart a silver bullet is like a regular bullet to you guys if i get shot with regular bullets i get bruises anyone who would like to know something just ask i know about vampires and myself(werewolf)

    2. When ou become a werewolf is it like twilight new moon or is it like always hairy and stuff i meean i know about vampires myself my friend is one.

  2. Are you really a werewolf? I want to become one so badly, is it true that if you are born on a new moon you will become a werewolf?

  3. i have tried to invoke the wolf spirit but no matter how i do it i cant become a werewolf how did you do it

  4. i would like to become a werewolf, but then i don’t know if you are a werewol or not… i also don’t want to be insane either…

  5. which would you all rather become, a vampire or a werewolf? i would prefer to be a werewolf. and are you a werewolf?

  6. First you pray to the devil to become one, he takes your soul, you die after having your fun then you go to hell Have fun!

  7. i want to become a werewolf so bad that i am resorting to invoking the spirit in order to become a were wolf please tell me how to become one………I BEG YOU.

  8. What is a the matter with u people???? Dont u know its rong to give them false hope. No self respecting Imortal would leave his\her victom alive…They live only for the hunt. And if by some chance in hell a human servives an attack, If the beast doesnt come back to finish u off, the venom will kill u.

  9. You can’t become a werewolf it’s impossible think about it if you could change into a super beast and nothing could stop you would you go around telling everyone how to do it. No because then you would have competition an equal, it’s greed that controls the existing werewolfs they are to greedy to tell people how they became one. So when and if I see a werewolf if they don’t tell me how to become one or they try to trick me I’ve got a shotgun packed with silver birdshot waiting to blow your ugly face off.

  10. If you really want it
    look for someone with a tattoo of a wolf n a human on his back
    tell him Socrates send u
    he will give you something
    but be ready to live your family and friends
    because if you don’t live them you will kill them

  11. You guys are idiots. The “werewolf” is in no way real. Please go outside, and live your life instead of searching about this kind of thing.

  12. I bet the “Professional Truth Teller” peed himself the first time he saw the werewolf in Ginger Snaps. Werewolves are as real as you want them to be; like roller skates, and chihuahuas. The author of this article (me), wonders why people have to leave nasty comments to other people, if they’re not even interested in the subject matter.

    If you want to become a werewolf, good luck. If you are a werewolf, feel free to post your methods.

  13. do you people know what it is like it’s hell waking up not knowing where you are at having a dead body next to you it’s like a rampage when you are a beast all you feel is pain and hate but the power is incredible to bad i can’t remember what it was like all you do is kill you don’t know how much i wanted to be one and now i hate it would you be willing to kill your family just to become one

    1. hi i really wont to turn into a werewolve can you tell me how i do that and how i can be in a werewolve form for ever and not change back to human form thanks.

  14. hey i’ve been a host for a demon spirt. That god sent me. he wasnt a good spirt, trust me. but anyways can i become his demon form.

  15. if ur actually a werewolf how do u remeber and how can u can type? ppl tell the truth!!

    1. I live in a hell unseen by the human world. I have seen, heard, and done things that would disturb any man to the point of insanity. See humans think they want to become werewolves because they want power or they like the mysteriousness or possibly just because humans wish to understand but when does any of us really know want. If any human knew the “perks” that came along with being a werewolf humans would just hunt us to extiction all over again. Man destroys what it fears. So before any human dare say we are cool they should seriously rethink the subject on which is being discussed. If any of you have questions I would be more than happy to shed some light on the subject. So please comment.

  16. I live in an unseen hell beneath the surface of the human world. I have seen,heard, and done things that none of you could believe. All humans think they want to be werewolves but when do any of us know what we really want. All of you that say you want to be werewolves for the power or mysteriousness of it or maybe just because you want to understand but let me tell you that isn’t what you want. Humas call us monsters for a reason. That is merely because we are. If any of you truley understood what the life of a werewolf is like you would all reconsider your wishes. If any of you have questions I would be glad to shed some light on the subject.

  17. well ive reed some comments and the one with the demon i agree that ppl dont know but ive wished since i was 5 and searched AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about them and all of it doesnt work!!!! ive even did the on-shift and all the shifts but there just not working!!!!!!

    1. Well if you wish to become a werewolf you have to be bitten by a werewolf. That is how I became. Our “disease” if you will is spread through a venom that is in our saliva and coated upon our teeth but my warning: You may think this is what you want but I would suggest you take my advice knowingly. Once you are turned there is no redemption or second chances. The only way out is death and even this is not easy to achieve. As for all you ignorant assholes who have nothing to do but put shitty comments on here should really get something better to do. You don’t believe in something you can’t see but let me ask you this you can not see god or Jesus or whomever your religion’s god is, yet you still worship them. Try putting some thought into that. Now don’t get the impression that I am saying werewolves should be worshiped but you bastards have no reason to be saying the shit you are except possibly if we have killed one of your family members or maybe just because all you morons have to entertain yourself with is your own stupidity.I believe the saddest part is that people like werewolf actually sit there like idiots typing sad over and over again till it suites them but if you do not like what you are reading then why do you fucking sit there and type it like the asshole you are? Why don’t you save yourself the time and just go to a different website and waste your sweet time there instead of making yourself look like a bitch here?

  18. Wolf,I find myself staring at the moon often I even gave it a name I’m scared of being a genetic wolf. In the 1940’s, my great gramps (during war i think) was attacked by some one more beast than man,the stprie goes that he had several bite marks on his arm and leg, and I was reading that if your a genetic wolf you may experienc symptoms in your teen years when your hormones kick in, I’m 14! And sometimes when I’m mad o feel unstoppable!! Like I could run miles and they would feel like meters, wat should I do? Avoid my family?because I have no real brothers,just half-brothers(same mom different dad),and my great gramps was from my dad side, so only me and my dad should have the curse ,right? Should I accept myself and try to become a wolf? Please respond,Wolf

  19. Wolf could you please help me. I dont feel right being a human and I never fit in anywhere. I feel like I have a different calling and I feel more animal then human. I love werewolves more then anything else and I know that being one isn’t all that gret in other peoples eyes. But to me they are amazing and awsome. I have always felt a conection with dogs and love to learn about everything I can about dogs and wolves. But I never feel satisfied. I am a very careing and loving person but I keep my anger at bay. My anger is something that no one should ever see and I am stronger then most people. I never get tired and I am always hungery for meat. Does this mean I am a werweolf and if it does how do I know when it is going to come out. Please respond.

    1. For Dac, I suggest that u should be concerned. I am not nor have I ever heard of genetic wolves. I do not know what to say about this. Based on what you have described about feeling unstoppable and not tirering easily is a basic werewolf charecteristic. I would suggest you avoid any situations where you may become the least bit angry. If genetic wolves are anything like werewolves your emotions affect your changes. I would hope that you would watch yourself around any humans. Even more careful with your emotions. If you are like me and have a temper as short as a candle wick then you should heed my words of wisdom: learn to control yourself. If you are what both you and I think you are you will have many animalistic urges and if you turn out to be a genetic wolf, hold on tight. I know nothing about genetic wolves but if you would like I will hunt for any information I can find. I hope this answers your questions, if you have more ask away.

    2. For Sam, For you this could mean a number of things. It could simply mean that you are more in touch with your animalistic side or it could mean exactly what you are hoping it means. I hope for your sake that it is not. I would need you to describe yourself more descriptively. Here’s for starters: when you see blood how does it make you feel, or the thought of raw meat. If you have any more questions, comment below.

      1. Blood to me means something or someone is either dead or wounded. But the thought of raw meat makes me hungery, The thought of any kind of meat makes me hungery. I always crave meat and can never get enought of it. But what really makes me worry is that I like to bit things, I like to bit my friends, wood, metal, anything I can get my hands on. But when I bit things I get the urge to continue to bit till I hear a crack or tast blood. But I have enough sence that I won’t but the thought always crosses my mind. I also love to see the moon, I always want to stare at it and do nothing else. I also feel like I belong somewhere else, like I dont belong with my family and that I have a different calling besides being human. I feel that deep inside me each and everyday, but I can never figure that out. I also love to run, I never know where I want to though. All I do know is that I want to run somewhere far and I want to be free. I also have to thank you for listening to me.

  20. I am a wolf, of course I will listen. Have you ever had thoughts of ripping someones throat out with your teeth? This is one of the biggest tests to determine your fate. The only problem is the only way I know of someone becoming like me is to be bitten but so far as I have read from others comments is that it is possible to geneticly get the curse. But I don’t know anything about that.

  21. Ripping out someones throat no, but bitting there throat yes. I have the thought of bitting anything but ripping no. I also dont remember being bitten by a wolf or anything like that. The only thing that has ever bitten me was my sister and that was when we where little. But that is as far as I can remember so if anything else has bitten me I am not sure.

    1. Hmmm well to truthfully tell you if you were ever bitten by a werewolf you would remember for sure. It is Definatly not something that is easily forgotton. I only ask if you have had thoughts of ripping someones throat out is because that is how we instinctivly kill, like how lions pounce on a gazelles back and snaps it’s neck by biting the back of it well wolves kill by ripping the jugular vein out. It cuts off their breathing so they die of blood loss and also because they any breath. Sam I am sorry if I could not supply you with the information you had hoped for, but if you have any more questions I would be more than happy to answer them.

      1. Real wolves do not kill like that. They hunt as a pack and track their prey until the right moment. When they attack they do it as a group and usually attack the rump of the animal. They also go after the weakest animals they can find since they are easier to take down. Once their prey is killed the alpha male then eats his share first.

  22. it is okay, you dont have to be sorry for anything. My hopes are my hopes and nothing more, but I do think that you where right about me being more in touch with my animalistic side. But if you are willing to answer my questions of werewolves then I am happy to ask. well one is, are you afraid to get close to people? two, Does the transformation hurt? three, do you ever wish for help? four, when and how did the werewolf attack you and bit you? five, how long have you been a werewolf? six, have you turned anyone? seven, do people try to hunt you? sorry if I am asking to much right now but I do have more. I just want to learn as much as I can to see if I can help any werewolves I might come across.

    1. 1. I am terrified to get close to people. I have a very animalistic sense of smell maybe better that a regular wolfs so the scent of human is very hard to avoid the scent. Especially at school. 2. The transformations are excruciating. There are so many physical things happening at’s not all magical and quick as twilight makes it out to be. It is slow and agonizing. If you haven’t read moonlights link on the transformations you should because it is the closest descriptions to our changes that there is. 3. I wish for help often but that gets me about as far as it would for you if you were to wish on a shooting star. There is no help for my kind( unless anybody here has silver bullets ) but yes I do often wish for help. Probably as often as a human breaths. 4. The story of my rebirth is long and painful as is any werewolfs. Basiclly how it happened was when I was about 3 I needed a small surgery on my spine. One of the disks popped out of place. Sonetime during the surgery my heart had stopped. Up to this point I had no clue as to what happened until I woke up in a graveyard with a bear sized wolf trying to tear out my jugular. There was blood everywhere. It was caked all over it’s face and all down me. Eventually he realized I was awake and clenched down harder and blood must have squirted on my face. It was so agonizing I though I was going to black out and I had wished that was what happened, unfortunatly for me something spooked off the wolf. So there I was with werewolf venom running through my veins. I was terrified at this moment, but not because I was going to become a monster , I was scared that I was going to die alone. Sadly though I had not died. This happened 11 years ago. 5. I have been a werewolf for 11 years. 6. I have never turned anyone because unlike vampires, werewolves don’t give into their own selfish lonliness. Any human that I have bitten I have finished off because I do not believe on condemning a soul to this hell. 7. I do not know if someone consistantly hunts me but I do know that I have been hunted before and only because man destroys what it fears. And I do not blame humans for fearing us. I have been shot with lead bullets three times and once with a silver bullet. I have also been stabbed with silver knives and silver stakes. Do not be sorry for asking questions. It’s nice to be able to get my mind off things. If you have further questions, well…I’m not going anywhere.

      1. For moonlight, i see what you are saying that is usually how they down their prey but usually rouge wolves that run by themselves kill by tearing out the jugular and since werewolves behavior is so similar to rouge wolves we instinctivly kill like this.

  23. Are their any alternative methods to becoming a werewolf – like any spells or curses or something?


    1. Not that I know of I mean the only way I became was from being bitten by another werewolf. But I do not know why in holy hell do you want to become a fireheart.

  24. i often visualise killing animals, and have various dreams where i’ll be chasing someone or something in woods.
    Also, i have ears that have a small point and love the taste of blood…whether it’s my own or the finger of my baby cousin that needs sucking when he’s got it hurt.
    Something i read stated that most werewolf fathers dissapear from their children’s lives when they’re very young, as not to hurt them, and they often get into fits of temper.
    That sounds exactly like my father, who i have never met.

    Is there any possibility of me being a genetic werewolf?

    1. Well I guess it’s always a possibility I mean that is a pretty close description of basic behavior and feelings but unless you have been bitten I don’t know what to tell you.

  25. Now, that i am a teenager, i enjoy chaseing rabbits, deer, anykind of mammal that runs from me. Blood and any kind of meat make me hungry, I often spend my time alone in the woods, day or night, i’m not sure whats going on right now, Wolf, if u hear this, can u tell me whats going on? im so confused right now, if u need more info about me, i can tell, if it involves helping me find out whats going on. Is there a possibilaty of me being a werewolf? Please, help me

    1. For Angel, the way I became a werewolf was being bitten by one, has you ever been bitten by a wolf with human-like paws?

      1. I have a question for all you humans… Why in the hell do you want to become condamned for all your life? I don’t understand!

  26. I dont know…i dont remember much of my past somewhat…the reason 4 me….i really dont feel like i have a place in my life anymore, with my family, i dont feel like i actually belong, when im in the woods, alone, walking or running, i feel happier, free, like nothing can stop me, i have no friend, i never knew my true parents, so i dont know what is wrong with me. It might just b me, i dunno, im looking 4 answers, and u might know them wolf, idk

  27. and…i’ve had a friend who was one of u, but he moved away sometime ago….
    so i know a lil more than most people….

  28. wolf, idk if ur still there or not, but plz, can u try 2 help me out here? either way, u already know my intentions, if im not what i think, idk…

    1. I am still here in my own living hell. I don’t know how you want me to help you? I mean if you are asking me to turn you myself I’m not doing it! I can’t stand tv thought of myself now, if I condemned an innocent soul to this hell I don’t know what the hell I would do. Please tell me thatsnot what you are asking.

  29. Its not, u can rest at ease there. Im only asking if theres a way that i can b one…in truth, my life is already hell, believe me, and i know ur life is probably more hellish than mine(quote: i used 2 have a friend that was a werewolf), but plz, dont get all worried thinking that im asking u 2 turn me, u probably live far away from me anyways, im only asking if there is a way 4 me 2 b 1 in truth, sometimes, though i dont know if u would, people lie about things

    1. It’s ok I am very easily set off. I am sorry for assuming. Please understand though that it does not really matter how close you are to another werewolf, once you are a fireheart you will immediatly regret. All friendliness set aside though the only way I know of becoming a werewolf is by getting bitten by one and generally once we start biting we don’t stop until your dead so in other words you basiclly are mauled to the edge of death. I totally understand wanting to be free but becoming a werewolf does not make you feel any freer it only makes you feel trapped further and honestly no human deserves what we go through every day.

  30. It’s not 4 that reason y i want 2…i’ll tell when im on tommorow if i can y
    bye wolf

  31. if you want the truth we probably all want to become we all either love them or we want to escape out lives. But in truth I do want to become one because I love them but if you say not to them I will take your word for it. So I am going to learn as much as I can and try to understand you. I know I probably sound insane but I do want to help any werewolf in anyway possible. I dont care if I get bit or killed by them because i know you cant control it. But I do have a few more questions like, would you mind having someone at your side who understood? do you have to move around a lot because of what you are? how many people close to you know? are you able to control yourself at all when your in your wolf form? when it gets close to the full moon can you feel yourself changing? I thank you for letting me ask all my questions.

    1. Yes this is very true how it seems that we all want what we can’t have. Anyways to your questions: once a good while ago I had a good male friend. He also was a werewolf. Eventually we became much more than friends and we spent a ton of time together. He used to always tell me ” werewolves feel pain and bleed just like everyone else, we just experiance pain more often.” I am probably one of the clumsiest people you will meet and so I usually found myself walking into many things and needing stitches. My friend was always first there to stitch all those places I couldnt reach. Sadly though good things don’t last so of course I find myself alone again left to fight this beast alone. I can honestly say that I would honestly do anything to get that back. In my whole life I have only moved twice. I live really close to a nice little patch of Forrest where there are alot of deer, bear, and pigs to kill and chow on. I don’t have to move at all but that’s probably cause I don’t make my killings noticeable. I only have one family member that knows, my brother. He watches out for me while I go hunt. He makes me laugh cause he actually did buy me a cage for christmas! It was completly steel. While in wolf form I can sometimes control myself and sometimes not. During the full moon or when I smell food I usually can’t but while I am just with my pack just hanging I usually can. Unfortunatly For werewolves, sometimes we can’t even remember what we did the night before. Full moons suck! When full moon come around you feel yourself getting more aggresive, then usually it builds up so much that you just go off and give into the real animal. It’s not a problem to answer your questions at all. I can only hope that if I supply you with information you will realize it’s not as gereat end magical as it is made out to be. If you have more questions I will be more than happy to answer.

  32. I’m sry…i had 2 get some stuff done, my reason…i’ve decided i can’t really tell u….i’d prefer 2 keep my reasons 2 myself, not 2 b rude or anything, but i would….it’s complicated

  33. I have 2 go…my friend…whom i told u of…has come back….but only 4 a short time…i just wanna spend time wit him right now, i’ll c u later wolf, i’ll try 2 talk tommorow, if not, in a few days…..goodbye, and have a nice day, hope u can have a good day anyways

    1. One of the last things werewolves want to do is to condemn an innocent soul to the same fate as us. If you ask any of us almost everytime it will be a no.

  34. When i said a short time…i really meant it, my friend has left again….i miss him already…o well…like i said…my reason is my own, but it would still b nice(in a dif way than what u might think) if i could b 1 of u…mainly…things that scare most humans like me..dont scare me…especially if i met a werewolf or vamp and didnt know until they told me…yeah…im wierd that way

    1. hey, its cool. I mean i am a wolf in sheeps clothing. hmmm kinda fitting. anyways im just an oversized dog trapped in a human body pretending to be something completly opposite than what i truley am. I mean “playing human” is almost harder than trying to control myself during full moons. We all have our secrets and wierdnesses, if thats even a word. I dunno, english isnt my first language.

  35. please i know what this will do but i share the symtoms of a real werewolf i always crave meat i like the taste of blood i bit would have an urge to bit since i was born… i now know i can control it but i am determined to find someone who can tell me shewolf/wolf please answer.

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