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How Packs Work

One of the most interesting parts of Twilight is of course, the werewolves. And with a New Moon on the horizon, we are about to get a closer look at Stephenie Meyer’s version of the werewolf pack and how it works. New Moon is of course, all about the wolves but it seems that Meyer left out a few major points when it comes to the pack. There’s so much going on in the book that while the Alpha and the Beta were introduced, the other members of the pack are there in presence but never really identified as to what their role in the pack is. Here’s a look at real werewolf packs, the rankings, and how they work.

The Alpha is the leader of the pack and has been born into being a werewolf or has been voluntarily bitten or otherwise changed. The Alpha wolf is first in command and the rest of the pack is expected to follow their lead. The Beta of the pack is the Alpha’s second in command. The Beta will step up should the Alpha leave the pack or become killed or injured to the point where they can no longer lead a pack of their own. In addition to the Alphas and the Betas, there are also deltas, elders, den mothers, pups, and lastly, omegas.

The deltas are second in command to the Betas, or third in command to the whole pack. The elders are generally very old werewolves that might not be able to help the pack physically but can give them sound advice on being a werewolf, changing others into werewolves, and how to escape attack. The den mother, just like in a real wolf pack, is to stay in the den and mind the young pups. The den mother will bring the pups food, take them out when need be, and generally take care of them. The pups are werewolves that are just starting to grow up and are really too young to have any real role or rank within the pack.

The omega wolves are usually the weakest wolves in the pack. They are usually considered to be at the bottom of the totem pole in werewolf-ranking and are sometimes picked on by the other members of the pack. They also are often not highly involved in the pack and tend to live on the outskirts and keep to themselves.

If you look closely enough, you’ll see that Stephenie Meyer didn’t entirely leave these things out in New Moon. And once you get even further into the series, it’s fun to try and guess which member of the pack holds the role of the less obvious wolves in the pack.

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kate • November 14, 2009

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