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One of the most interesting parts of Twilight is of course, the werewolves. And with a New Moon on the horizon, we are about to get a closer look at Stephenie Meyer’s version of the werewolf pack and how it works. New Moon is of course, all about the wolves but it seems that Meyer left out a few major points when it comes to the pack. There’s so much going on in the book that while the Alpha and the Beta were introduced, the other members of the pack are there in presence but never really identified as to what their role in the pack is. Here’s a look at real werewolf packs, the rankings, and how they work.

The Alpha is the leader of the pack and has been born into being a werewolf or has been voluntarily bitten or otherwise changed. The Alpha wolf is first in command and the rest of the pack is expected to follow their lead. The Beta of the pack is the Alpha’s second in command. The Beta will step up should the Alpha leave the pack or become killed or injured to the point where they can no longer lead a pack of their own. In addition to the Alphas and the Betas, there are also deltas, elders, den mothers, pups, and lastly, omegas.

The deltas are second in command to the Betas, or third in command to the whole pack. The elders are generally very old werewolves that might not be able to help the pack physically but can give them sound advice on being a werewolf, changing others into werewolves, and how to escape attack. The den mother, just like in a real wolf pack, is to stay in the den and mind the young pups. The den mother will bring the pups food, take them out when need be, and generally take care of them. The pups are werewolves that are just starting to grow up and are really too young to have any real role or rank within the pack.

The omega wolves are usually the weakest wolves in the pack. They are usually considered to be at the bottom of the totem pole in werewolf-ranking and are sometimes picked on by the other members of the pack. They also are often not highly involved in the pack and tend to live on the outskirts and keep to themselves.

If you look closely enough, you’ll see that Stephenie Meyer didn’t entirely leave these things out in New Moon. And once you get even further into the series, it’s fun to try and guess which member of the pack holds the role of the less obvious wolves in the pack.


    1. This isn’t how wild packs work, only packs in captivity. The study this pack structure was based on was found to be flawed because it only studied captive packs. Wild packs are family units-parents and pups. As pup become adult, they wander off to find a mate and form their own pack.

      1. Oh and ummm what is a half blood because I just read something and I don’t think I’m a normal werewolf…like at all… I’m latterly scared right now and don’t know anything about my wolf side… please help me know..PLEASE

    2. Hello I’m a 11 year old werewolf and I have not had my transformation yet sadly… anyways I’m not sure what it’s like to transform. so I’m kinda scared so if anyone doesn’t mind telling I’d like to lessen. Oh and help me find out HOW THE FLIP IM A HALF BLOOD!…please..

  1. Hello.
    I have a pack of my own, there is no alfah male….only I am the leader.Well I supose William is kind of the alfah male but I’m much more stromger,faster,and more protective over the pack than him.I’ll let u in on a harmless secrets about the wolvin world.

    ;we hunt animals not humans.we only kill humans to defend our pack if we’re in danger or being humted.

    there can be packs with only a female leader such as my pack

    and a pack that lives together stays together .

    thats all I can say.thanks for leting me share …bye and keep howiling.

  2. Ecsques my spelling and tipows above.And btw (BY the way) we don’t die by silver bulets or anything like that.We make sure humans never know how we die completly.but that movie twilight or whatever is drawing really close on our lives so if you want info on us wolfs read or whatch the twilight series don’t watch a old houror film or look up things on the computer cause most of the time the information u find is false

    ….Just a tip ….Never Cry Wolf.:)

  3. i love being the alpha in my pack.we hunt for vamps and is pretty fun even when its almost night.


  4. i have an alpha he bosse’s me around alot because im a small one he also told me im slow and not that fast in a pack hunt but on my own i am very useful as a warrior i have some misgiving’s

  5. HEY IMA WOLF, but i have no pack im alone and i wanna be in a pack but i cant find any wolves around me, see i live in kentucky. i was bit when i was 4 or 5 and been changeing eversense. i wanna pack soooo bad.

    1. Hey have you killed a vamp b4?!?!?????…… I live in Tennessee I have a vamp tracking mebi need help I can’t take care of him on my own. He nearly got 2 weeks ago.

  6. I was born werewolf. My father was the alpha of a pack, but 11 years ago they were killed by a hunting party of Vampires. I barley esacped, I am searching for others to join me in hunting Vampires. I live in Las Vegas, contact me if you are willing to devout your life to the hunting of Vampires

    1. I have felt like theres a part of me missing ever time i watch a good movie or read a good book about werewolves i long to live that sort of life.If you could turn me i would be indetted to you i have no family i am nineteen and have been on my own since the age of fourteen and have no one please i need a better life.

  7. Hey guys, please do not post your real name or address in a comment. We want to keep you safe from those that may use that information to hurt you. Thank you :)

  8. I think it would be a good idea to talk about wolf packs as well. Now, being only a college student, this info might be false:

    Generally, only the Alpha Male and Alpha female are allowed to breed.
    Betas do not generally exist in the wild, because a Beta is more likely to leave the pack and start a new one. Betas are, for the most part, created by domestication (zoos).

    Sorry if my info’s not accurate, and I know it’s missing stuff.

    1. DO you have a pack yet? I’m trying to rebuild mine. I used to have my pack together but eventually we all got separated right now I’m alone.
      -pack X

  9. You are all nothing but liars how about I dedicate my life to hunting people like you who just want to f!&k with peoples heads or maybe the ones you love

  10. jacob you need to clam yourself werewolfs do not share there blood with just anyone even if you have no one that does not qualify you to become one the way you seem now you would only get put down by humans or something worse then you and honestly man look at yourself in the mirror do you think you have the right to demand the blood no you do not and most werewolfs only tend to be a pack of 2 a male and female with werewolfs all males become alphas your mind heart and convection desides how strong you are and weather or not you lose your mind when you turn and if you lose your mind when your tune its all down hill from there you lose the ability to go back. more to come if i see it necessary humans/people should cherish life not hate it cause really you don’t know how long you have. werewolfs are immortal to an extent.

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  12. If This Is Real Please Help My Friend And I. We Are Both Werewolves With Out A Pack And We Live In Las Vegas. We Would Like To Join A Pack And Its Hard For Her To Take Care Of Me Considering Im A Pup And She Is The Leader Since We Have No One.

    1. hey i come from an old family line of werewolves. my issue is that my pack got separated over the generations and i am trying to find them. if there is any way you were a part of it or wish to be than thats fine with me.
      -pack X

  13. i’m a omega looking for a pack i live in Illinois if any one is willing to help please contact me. oh adn thanks if you can

  14. full moons suck. cub without a pack here. anyone know of a pack in my area? yet to make a proper shift during full moon. I am from big rapids Mi

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