Hounds of God

We’ve written about Thiess and the Benandanti werewolves and werewolf witch trials before, but there’s more to the story. In the late 1600s, 1692 to be exact, in Jurgenburg, Livonia, a very old man of about 80 years old, named Thiess claimed to be a werewolf. Why would anyone in their right mind make such a claim in a time period of witch hunts, where those found to be serving the Devil would be burned at the stake or worse?
Thiess claimed that werewolves were not monsters or agents of the Devil, but rather they were benevolent creatures of God, who he called the “Hounds of God.” Their souls would ascend to Heaven when they died, and they were in the favor of God and worked tirelessly to defend the souls of the Earth with God’s blessing of the werewolf gift. The werewolves would bravely descend into the very depths of Hell to do battle with the demons and the witches, preventing them from escaping into this world to wreak havoc on the Earth. He claimed that when the Hounds of God failed to keep the witches and demons in Hell, that this was the cause for the bad crop seasons, and that when the werewolves succeeded, that was why the crops flourished when they did.
If it were not for the Hounds of God, this world would be overrun with demons and witches who would cause all mortals to endure unspeakable sufferings. Werewolves were heroes!
Of course, the judges were not exactly convinced. But what person with a beating heart would condemn an 80 year old man to be burned at the stake? The judges must have took pity on him for being out of his wits, for they let him off fairly easy and only sentenced him to ten lashes.
Though we have written about kindly werewolves before, it’s really very few times that werewolves are painted as the good guys, heroes, even blessed by God. I love the phrase “Hounds of God” for the werewolves, as opposed to the hellhounds of lore, Cerberus of Greek myth, or the Hounds of Hel of Norse myth. Werewolves as guardians and protectors is definitely a new perspective.

By holiday

Holiday is a secretive squonk from deep in the darkness of the forests. She loves helping people, reading about obscure myths and folklore, and having adventures.


  1. yeah maybe since God doenst have an image himself maybe hed love shapeshifters, if he created one. Besides maybe ther animal side, since it is incorruptible will help them make better decisions from right and wrong?

    1. Yes, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      Although, trust me, our animal sides are corruptible. Two full moons ago, you know, I was getting Full Moon Syndrome and all. So I was REEEEAAAALLY territorial, and that meant that any human who pissed me off would’ve been pretty much screwed if I hadn’t had more self-control. Seriously, I came across one of my friends toward whom I have developed pack instincts while she was upset, and I was seriously tempted to find whomever had hurt her and claw their eyes out. I kept baring my fangs and clawing at the wall (she didn’t notice because she was so upset) and when I went back to that same wall later there were gouged in it like an animal had decided to sharpen their claws in it or something.

      I figure that we were created not only to fight demons because of our physical prowess, but because of our dual nature. We are both wolf and human (and in my case, a whole boatload of other species too), so we can relate to both. Like humans, we are created in God’s image, we love, we hurt, we hope, we grieve; but we can appreciate the best things in life more than humans could. We form stronger family bonds and have stronger protective instincts, and we appreciate simple things like a run in the woods or the beauty of moonlight or a soft breeze or the smell of rain. We have human emotions and animal instincts, a lovely and intricate chiaroscuro of both wolf and human. This is at least partly why God created us.

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  3. I’m reading this book about this well sorta and i totally agree cuz come on thier wolves basically not monsters!!!

  4. I’m impressed with this guy. Having the courage to speak out during a time of frantic accusations? That’s pretty awesome. I could see the wolf being considered a “divine beast”

  5. This site has the facts right. I heard this one too.
    My grandfather loved to tell me stories like this when I was little.
    Superstitious Canadian families tell all to there kids….

  6. I dont think this guy has any idea how close he actualy is to the truth. I can speak from experience, i am a hound, and we (most of the hounds) are protectors or guardians. i may not be able to take the physical form of a wolf (that day will come) but to feel the muscles ripple as if I was is an extraordinary feeling, but it is a burden because you know what you are yet you cannot be what you are.

  7. I knew wolves weren’t evil. I like the (hounds of god) it makes sense to me. My grandparents came over from Italy and they had told me quite a few stories. One in particular stuck out. My grandma would never let my dad or the other kids out in the woods at certain times of the year because of the wolves. She said there was a witch who turned into a cat and would harass the horses in the stables and quite a few times the horses mane would be braided. Well one night the witch got hers when the cat was struck with a pitchfork. The next day their neighbors daughter was dying and had pitchfork holes in her stomach. They finally killed the witch. However l do believe there are good witches as well. Anyway every year if the witch got to the stables the crops were horrible but if the wolves got to the witches beforehand the crops were glorious. They knew when the wolves won because the horses mane wouldn’t be braided. If the horses were left alone It means the wolves killed them. I don’t know how true this story is my grandmother was very superstitious!! But l thought it was a good addition to this!!

  8. we “Werewolves” also known as “Hounds of God” mean the humans no harm we will protect them and the world forever like for “centuries” or “thousands of years” or maybe even for all “Eternity” for the safety for humanity and animals and the world we will never stop protecting and loving humans,animals and the world and world will stay a place for humans and animals and werewolves/hounds of God to live in peace and enjoy Life and Eternal Life to the fullest and always make the best of it.

  9. Okay, two things… One, I’m surprised that there are many people (including self-proclaimed werewolves) that know of this legend and that it spread all around the world via families passing on the story in other countries that aren’t even in Europe. Makes me think maybe werewolves are slowly deciding to come out.
    Two, I actually am writing a graphic novel series directly inspired by the legends of the Hounds of God (along with other mythological beings) as well. So having this around will come in handy.

  10. My name is Adam, Im facinated with warewolves, and wish I could become a Hound of God. I have a fighing nature, im territorial and look to serve others through protection, also in a rage or other heighted states of moods, people have said its ….well…wolfish. Im also great with dogs and hate cats. Im hoping God does have warewolfs he uses as defenders of the earth from demons, if so, I want to be blessed with that gift.

  11. Anyone who loves new takes on werewolves should see if they can get their hands on a novel called The Tattooed Wolf by K. Bannerman. Ir isnt easy to find but it takes a very old celtic take on werewolves and makes it modern.

  12. I love being a hound of god, greatest gift i could have ever recieved, cant wait to tear satans throat and heart out!

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