Hot Tub Time Machine Director Switches To Werewolves

Director Steve Pink just tried to make a big guy comedy hit with the Hot Tub Time Machine, which was… well, a huge failure. The flick totally didn’t meet its box office expectations. But the director is giving it another go, once again making a comedy directed at all the boys. But this rumored flick doesn’t feature any hot tubs, but instead is about four adult men having a supernatural adventure.

Werewolves of Reseda, a screenplay by Brian Frank, reportedly tells the story of four suburban guys whose lives somehow improve when they suddenly turn into werewolves. Usually a person’s life is pure hell once they are turned into a werewolf, but I guess this movie plans on switching it up by turning it into a positive. No doubt problems will come and then in the end they’ll find themselves on the road to self discovery.

While I don’t exactly have high expectations for this flick, depending on the writing and the cast it could turn out to be a hilarious movie. But this does prove that werewolves are gaining fame and popularity in the entertainment world. So this is just the beginning, more is to come I’m sure. Woo!

Lawrence Grey is supposedly producing the project, not that that means anything to us. And Brian Frank, the author of the story is also the same guy that wrote Hesher, which has the gorgeous Natalie Portman in it. So overall, we don’t really know what to expect with Werewolves of Reseda since the supposed producer and the author haven’t done much, and the director doesn’t currently have a good track record.

But all we can do is wait and see, personally I could use a good werewolf comedy. But if it fails, at least we have the rest of the Twilight Saga to adore/mock/keep us entertained.

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