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Horror vs. the Tentpoles

“Clutter.” That’s the new term du jour when it comes to describing the current box office. It means simply that there are a lot of movies you want to see in theaters all at the same time. And, with time being a precious commodity, choices must be made. Why didn’t the masterful MIDSOMMAR do better than a mere ten million this past weekend? Because it opened against the delightful SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME, which way exceeded official prognostications and raked in some 185 million bucks over a five-day period. And movies like CHILD’S PLAY, ANNABELLE COMES HOME, and even GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS were already out, and they were all competing for the same audience. The box office is cluttered.

But consider this: the studios had enough confidence in ANNABELLE COMES HOME to open it against TOY STORY 4, even knowing what a ridiculous moneymaking juggernaut the latter was going to be. And while their haunted doll brought in the lowest box office yet for the franchise, it managed nevertheless to turn a healthy profit. They knew that they would have raked in a bigger take if they’d released their movie in the spring or fall, but they put Annabelle in the ring against a tentpole movie and she held her own nicely. The same is true for MIDSOMMAR opening against Spider-Man, or Godzilla opening against that damned live-action ALADDIN and less than a month after AVENGERS: ENDGAME took the crown for the biggest movie in history. Horror *can* compete!

Next week brings us CRAWL, a killer alligator movie. We’ll see how it does, but I expect it to do fine.

By the way, I saw both SPIDER-MAN and MIDSOMMAR on the Fourth, and finally caught CHILD’S PLAY on Sunday. I’m doing my part for the genre!

The Evil Cheezman • July 16, 2019

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