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Horror is ALWAYS en vogue

Look, I get it, okay? I do. It’s survival of the fittest. Those of us who make a living by writing for the trusty ol’ Internet, we live or die by the clicks. The market is far, far more competitive than television or print media, the magazine racks or bookshelves, ever could be. (Fortunately the audience is also comparably larger.) It’s understandable when you see some yokel doing the equivalent of standing on a chair, waving his arms in the air, screeching “Look at me! Look at me!” I get it. And, while I can in perfect honesty state that I have never written anything either here or on one of our sister sites (vampires.com and darkness.com) simply for the sake of being provocative, I do understand the temptation. When someone *does* resort to such a lazy and obvious ploy, should we simply ignore him/her? Attention is, after all, just what is being sought, so perhaps to deny it would be the most effective chastisement. But if the person is being an idiot, an obvious idiot, using idiocy as a hook to snag readers, is it okay to call that person out for being imbecilic?

It might be better to ignore the person entirely, but it’s more satisfying to call him out.

Here, then, is an idiot who writes for VOGUE, lamenting the fact that 2018 has been such a lousy year for Horror. “Remember when horror was good?” the idiot laments. Pathetic. Worse yet, bordering on troll-dom. 2018 has seen the theatrical release of films like A QUIET PLACE (which the idiot states is *not* a Horror movie), HEREDITARY, THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT, and OVERLORD. The new HALLOWEEN is just exquisite. Hell, even VENOM straddles the Horror line. *And* a Horror movie WON THE FLIPPIN’ ACADEMY AWARD FOR BEST PICTURE THIS PAST MARCH! (And make no mistake, THE SHAPE OF WATER *is* a Horror film.) Yeah, we’re in a real dry spell, alright.

There, junior. I gave you some of the attention you so desperately wanted. Now go back to talking about fashion or something you actually understand.

The Evil Cheezman • November 20, 2018

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