Horror Comic to Include Werewolves: SKULLKICKERS

And according to our sources, one of the first events in Skullkickers Vol. 1: 1000 Opas and a Dead Body; the story is all about a couple of mean mercenaries who live to kick ass, get the gold, and drink beer. There’s no mushy romantic interludes, no lame subplots with poor Auntie Whoever being in desperate need of rescuing… and if there was, these guys, the Skullkickers, would probably only rescue her if she had a fat paycheck to give them. Plus! these guys aren’t imbued with any ridiculous powers, –they also don’t sparkle, which is always a plus in our book. They’re trying to hunt down whoever killed this Chancellor guy, who everybody hated anyway, in order to win the coveted 1000 Opas, –gold coins, –in order to buy wenches and beer.

Fangoria has more details on this comic, clearly meant for the testosterone-infused audience:

The action kicks off right away between the Skullkickers and a werewolf, who surprisingly let himself grow fat. These two men, with no names whatsoever, have a distinct size and personality. One is a pint-sized murder machine and the other is a strong trigger-happy fighter. The humorous-looking obese werewolf doesn’t really stand a chance between Shorty and The Big Guy.

In Mudwich Town, the streets are alive with a parade for the arrival of Chancellor Kenby. The poor and tired widen their fake smiles and wave their fists at the royal ruler. Though the crowd unanimously hates him, they never thought this day of celebration would turn into an assassination. A thousand opas (gold coins) is promised to whomever locates the Chancellor’s killer.

The quest for money leads the Skullkickers to an informant. During their interrogation, they hang the snitch high from a rope and start basting him. The two mercenaries deviously pretend they are going to eat him whole. After their suspect starts talking, Shorty and Big Guy head off toward a fortress in ruins.

The grand-scale battle at the fortress is worth the price alone! The Skullkickers have to defeat hordes of zombies, skeletons with swords in their hands and a blind Necromancer. In the middle of all this mayhem, Shorty provides unexpected slapstick comedy, while the Big Guy shoots at his enemies. And just for the fun of it all, there is an epic battle with a blob monster included!

Werewolves -and- zombies! They’ve definitely struck a chord in my heart, –then there’s the added bonus of raunchy comedy, and a blind Necromancer. Hot. While this isn’t up there with the comic genius of say, Happy Noodle Boy, it’s definitely in the top 3 list of comics I have to read, –I love violence, gore, and …bright shiny things. Plus, a fat werewolf? Hilarity! Although, I kinda feel sorry for any werewolf that’s let himself go… sort of like a supernatural version of Britney Spears.


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  2. Good luck finding a comic store that carries it, graphic novels are almost impossiple to find in my area and those that are here are the most popular, so good luck

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