Horror and Comedy in ‘Audie and the Wolf’

I got an email from a reader a few days ago asking me why I have never written about the werewolf flick Audie and the Wolf, and well, to be entirely honest, I didn’t know it existed. Gasp! Yes, things occasionally slip past my radar, sorry ‘bout that. So to make things right, let’s give this horror/comedy (horomedy?) a look!

Official synopsis for Audie and the Wolf:

“YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A WEREWOLF MOVIE LIKE THIS! When the moon is full, a friendly WOLF turns into a savage, bloodthirsty MAN and goes on a kill spree in a starlet’s Hollywood mansion. AUDIE AND THE WOLF is a comedy/horror feature in the spirit of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and EVIL DEAD 2 and bares its fangs for a topsy-turvy take on the classic werewolf legend.

Featuring Derek Hughes as the hapless John Doe, a man who doesn’t know where he came from, who can’t control his insatiable hunger for raw meat, much to the dismay of everyone who rings the doorbell. That is, until he meets the smart-ass grocery delivery girl Audie Bantam, played by Tara Price, who falls head over heels in love with him and fights to convince him he’s not a werewolf.

Bloody murder, rollicking romance, and phenomenal comedic performances by the sultry Christa Campbell, the legendary Rance Howard, and the inimitable Richard Riehle, as well as an outrageously talented ensemble cast of newcomers, Audie and The Wolf delivers a 70’s style, red-hot operatic rock-and-roll score by composer Karl Preusser. Who in the name of Jesus H. Jackie Robinson could ask for more?”

Check out the trailer:

There you have it Beloved Readers – Audie and the Wolf! While it may be a campy low-budget horror film, it has surprisingly good reviews. Sites all over the interwebs have great things to say about it, like that it’s hilarious and that the love story is bloody fantastic. Good stuff.

For more info on the film check out its official website.

Have any of you seen it? If so, what did you think?

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– Moonlight

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