Horrifying Story of Werewolf Sightings in Great Britain

“Paranormal Investigator Damon Simms explores the dingiest corners of some of Staffordshire’s spookiest places. This week Damon explores an old legend at Cannock Chase…” 

The really scary part of this story is when the sightings began; in April of 1975, a boy claimed to have promised his soul to the devil through a Ouija board to gain the power to transform into a werewolf. Later on, he called his friend, making horrible noises and said he was transforming, and then committed suicide by stabbing himself to death. Then werewolf sightings began in Cannock Chase.

Twenty years after, a woman claimed to have encountered a large beast, blocking her car on the road. And in 2006, several people called the Highways Agency to report a werewolf, or a massive beast dodging in and out of traffic on a busy section of highway. Then they show a video from Fact or Faked of that big animal running around… it actually looks like a boar, to me. But anyway, that’s sort of the wrong geography for that sort of animal. Anyway, whether the sightings were just perpetuated by a bunch of kids with very poor taste, or whether something was actually seen… I wouldn’t spend the night there. 

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