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We here at were saddened to learn this last week of the passing of director Jonathan Demme at the too-young age of 73. Though Mr. Demme had a lengthy and highly productive career, his name will likely be most familiar to fans of this site for a little film called THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, which is a worthy monument for which to be remembered, no question. We salute you, good sir!

In other cinematic news, the comparable-in-terms-of-quality-to-THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS-masterpiece LOGAN will be returning to theaters (it’s probably still playing, actually) in complete black-and-white. Discriminating movie fans well know that seeing a film, the proper film, rendered thusly brings out an entirely new level of coolness, adds to it new artistic layers to be perceived and appreciated. THE ELEPHANT MAN and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, even NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, were all filmed in black-and-white for a reason. (With the latter it was due to budget constraints, but the end result was a far superior film than if it had been released in color.) LOGAN will likewise benefit from this treatment. Look for it in the theater on Tuesday May 16th.

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