High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

Hiya werewolf-lovin’ readers! I’ve got another new book to share with you today. I was recently contacted by Horrific Tales Publishing, a new publisher in the UK, who informed me that the very first book released under their name is a werewolf book. Clearly they have good taste. Since I love me some werewolf books and I love helping out small publishers, I thought I’d give the new book, High Moor by Graeme Reynolds, a little love. Check out the details below!


The town of High Moor is gripped in terror, after a brutal animal attack leaves a young boy dead in the woods. As Sergeant Steven Wilkinson tries to solve the mystery surrounding the attack, with the help of an American hunter; Carl Schneider, three young children try to come to terms with the loss of their friend, and the harsh reality of life without him.

As the evidence mounts, Steven, Carl and the children find themselves on a collision course with each other, and a beast out of their worst nightmares. A werewolf stalks the town of High Moor, and on the night of the full moon, no one is safe.


John Simpson, one of the survivors of that fateful night in 1986, returns home to the town of High Moor, when reported animal attacks in the area stir memories of a long forgotten horror.

John knows the truth. He knows that a werewolf, once again, hunts the people of the town.

But, as a survivor of a werewolf attack, what can John do to find a monster that changes on the full moon, when he suffers from the same affliction?

He encounters old friends and old enemies in his search for answers, but is anyone who they appear to be, and can any of them be trusted?

The moon is on the rise. Time is running out. Will John learn the truth of what is happening in High Moor in time to stop it, or will he become the creature’s latest victim?”

What do you think? Will you check this book out?

– Moonlight

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