High Moon: So… What’s a Werewolf Western?

Writer and former Oklahoman David Gallaher’s “High Moon” mixes sci-fi, supernatural and Western elements in a series that features some Oklahoma inspirations.

This is a werewolf Western; and it’s a webcomic so you can read it for free, whenever you want too! The artwork is absolutely stunning, the writing is terrific, –it’s like True Grit but with werewolves, –and intelligible English words (unlike the remake). High Moon is basically what we would have seen on the silver screen if John Wayne had ever been in a horror movie. I gotta be honest with you, my favorite thing about our main character, McGregor, has a Crocodile Dundee hat, pointy ears, and serious swagger.

MacGregor is an ex-Pinkerton turned bounty hunter, –and a lot more like “Dog” the Bounty Hunter than you might think. His sharp teeth and pointy ears kinda give him away. He wrestles werewolves without a shirt on… and looks EXACTLY like Clint Eastwood, –but with very, very suspiciously glowy eyes. The comic is a lot of fun, and I strongly recommend checking it out. You can find out more about the series on the source post, –enjoy!

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