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How is it that this one hasn’t been done already? HIGH MOON. It’s so obvious. A werewolf Western. With werewolf bikers. This looks gloriously hokey in all the right ways. Could this potentially be another WOLFCOP? Not to be confused with ANOTHER WOLFCOP, which was the actual title of the sequel to WOLFCOP. Watch the trailer for HIGH MOON here, and catch it on-demand on May 14th and on DVD in July. I for sure will be checking this one out.

Another flick headed our way is ZOOMBIES 2. This one just started filming, but it already has an official poster (which looks flippin’ sweet!). Lousy CGI kept its predecessor from living up to its true potential. I hope that doesn’t prove the case with this sequel. Whereas cheap practical effects, like those employed in JAWS: THE REVENGE, can actually add to my enjoyment of a good bad movie, subpar CGI just makes me eye-roll. Not sure why that is. Hopefully we’ll get some zombified canines this go-around.

Lastly, the new project from Scott Lobdell, mediocre comic book writer turned Horror maven (he’s responsible for HAPPY DEATH DAY), has me excited. It’s called ODIN and it flips the script from JOHN WICK. When Odin’s master is murdered, the faithful German shepherd goes on a bloody revenge spree. Yes, please.

The Evil Cheezman • March 26, 2019

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