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Hey, Hellier, I Thought Of It First!

There’s this new free documentary series called HELLIER. (If it isn’t all true it’s a clever bit of ballyhoo.) It explores the story of the “Kentucky Goblins,” strange little creatures that emerge from a mine shaft. These may be the same little monsters that appeared in the “Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter” of 1955, one of the best-documented cases of extraterrestrial encounters on the books, except the miniature creatures emerge, as stated, from a mine instead of from a spaceship.

Little goblin-like creatures emerging from a mine shaft, huh?

If you’ve been reading my novel THERIOPHOBIA: FEAR THE BEAST—

And you *have* been reading it, right? I mean, it’s free. I publish a chapter of it each week, right here on this site.

—then you know that my story features, in addition to a particularly nasty werewolf, little goblin-like monsters that emerge from a mine shaft. I wrote THERIOPHOBIA over a decade ago, though, and my inspiration was not the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, rather the short story “Worms of the Earth” by Robert E. Howard—which you all should also read if you haven’t.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, by the way, *was* the inspiration for the CRITTERS film franchise. And possibly for HELLIER.

The Evil Cheezman • January 31, 2019

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