Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production

Update: Hemlock Grove production designer Drew Boughton tells WebPronews, (Hemlock Grove Season 2 Gets Ready For Production via @webpronews #WPN http://t.co/GVcqyodrld)…

the night desk’s insight:
By episode three of season one, I was anxious for season two. I’m wondering how many of our many questions will be answered in season two, and how many new questions will come to the surface in this dark, cursed town. What answers are you looking for in season two?

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  1. Eh. I wasn’t thinking very highly of the book coming to TV, so a second season won’t change much. There’s too much weirdness going on, and when that happens, I get the feeling that much of the plot hinges on, or could be influenced by, deus ex machina.

    That and IGN spoiled the transformation before the show even came out, so that was one less reason to watch it beyond three episodes.

    Since this is supposed to be a trilogy, the ten episode season coming may be either a prelude to book two, or it’s early end. We’ll see.

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