‘Hemlock Grove’ Preview Shows Horrific Transformation

Netflix has shared a gruesome preview of its werewolf murder mystery series Hemlock Grove. The preview is a small peek at a werewolf transformation; a surprisingly unique werewolf transformation (didn’t even know that existed). Check out this preview and the trailer below.

Hemlock Grove is a horror series directed by Eli Roth and based on Brian McGreevy’s 2012 novel of the same name. It stars Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Lili Taylor, Bill Skarsgard and Landon Liboiron.

The plot involves two young murder suspects – one a werewolf – who decide to embark on their own search for a killer. Like Netflix’s other original series, House of Cards, there will be 13 episodes, and they will all be released on the same day.

Check out graphic the preview (not suitable for little ones or those with a weak stomach):

This is definitely a new take on transformation. Usually it’s a human becoming a wolf. But not this, this is a wolf coming out of a human and replacing it. The skin coming off, the eyes coming out… etc. While gruesome, it’s new, it’s different. I like seeing something different. What do you think about the transformation?


In case you missed it before, here’s the trailer:

All 13 episodes of Season 1 become available April 19 only on Netflix. Will you be watching?

– Moonlight

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  1. The transformation was OK, but it won’t change my stance on the book itself, not what I think of this series. I thought the book was terrible, from the characters down to the plot, and I regret buying it at all; the early Amazon Vine reviews were proof positive for that for me.

  2. Nice – but I share the opinion of what Adam said.

    And I’ve seen that kind of ‘wolf comes out of body’ transformation before. Van Helsing, when the brother (of Angelica?) transforms into a werewolf, he rips off his skin. Granted, its not as well done as this, but just wanted to let you know that this transformation isn’t unique. :)

  3. For me, I prefer hybrid werewolf transformations like The Wolfman or Skin Walkers. Even though the transformation in Blood and Chocolate was beautiful, I am not a fan of turning into a regular wolf.

  4. I think they got all the “original” werewolf belief where the beast is literally under the human’s skin.(“cut the flesh of the accused, under the pretense that fur would be seen within the wound”). I like it when they go back to the original stuff, especially after all this modern lame supernatural movies. Still, like M. Isom mentioned, I also dislike the regular wolf appearance. I’m more of a nasty anthropomorphic beasts kind of guy.

  5. I was all excited until they showed the shot of that God Damned wolf.

    Man, there’s no hope for werewolf TV shows…

    1. Personally, I like when they transform into actual wolves. I like both. I don’t understand why people hate wolf transformations so much.

      1. Normal wolves you can see them in the wild or in the zoo, but wolf-man monster hybrids are creatures of superstition and nightmares. Do you see the difference? They could of given the wolf a demonic look, like a hellhound approach.

        1. I see the difference. Normal wolves can be just as scary. I think there’s a time and place for real wolf or hybrid wolf. Depends on the type of werewolf story.

          1. Yeah. Like in “The Company Of Wolves”, where the wolves were given an outerworldly feel and a nigtmarish appearence. Sadly, not many shows and movies seem to be able to recapture the feel and look the way “The Company Of Wolves” did.

  6. I liked the transformation and the wolf but, like everyone else said, i miss the wolf-hybrid monster look. Real wolves are cool but their not as bad-ass as the wolf-hybrid monster look. I just hope their not like the wolves of True Blood; they F-ed it up. Those wolves exist just to make vampires look better by comparison.

  7. I actually really like the transformation sequence. It very much reminds me of old world stories about werewolves and I for once don’t mind that the final form is of an actual wolf. I’m looking forward to this show as the book wasn’t bad – even though it’s not the best thing I’ve read, it has potential.

  8. I usually prefer hybrid wolf forms because with regular wolf forms, the transformation is usually wimpy or non-existent. With this one, though, they really didn’t crap out. That’s how it should be, I think, with regular wolf transformations because the body has to change WAY more than a hybrid wolf. But alot of movie makers nowadays seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper when it comes to special effects, so why would they want to spend the time or money to look for someone who’s actually GOOD at creating full, unique and non-CGI transformations? The little penny pinchers…
    Good to see they didn’t follow down that path here! Wasn’t the kid playing Peter (the werewolf, like a boy with the name ‘Peter’ wouldn’t be hard to be guessed as the werewolf) in the Howling remake with the terrible Cgi TF’s? Haha nice to see he’s upgraded and redeemed himself.
    Also, am I the only one here who actually ENJOYED the book…?

      1. Technically, anyone able to take on the shape of a wolf, whether it be real wolf or hybrid, is still a werewolf.

  9. Considering that he turned into a regular sized wolf, the transformation doesn’t really make much sense. The transformation would have made more sense if he turned into an actual werewolf. You know, few hundred pounds of muscle; humanoid shape with wolf head; human like hands with claws and paws of a wolf, digitigrade styled feet like a wolf. That is a werewolf.

    1. Technically it’s a bit harder to define a werewolf like that. i’m not even going to try because of all the backlash i’m going to get (pretty much like what I’m doing to you). But this is still a werewolf. Only, the wolf’s acting was kninda wimpy. You know what they say about kids and animals.

  10. It’s akin to “The Company of Wolves” and the sexy werewolf gals of “Trick R Treat.” I’m always up for a new transformation. I think it has more to do with that whole man vs animal vs self kind of theme we find with lycanthropy. There’s a beast in all of us.

  11. I saw the wolf-out-of-skin in the anime Hellsing Ultimate. It wasn’t the exact same, but their werewolf had his fur start to pop out of his skin, and I believe that when he was shot in mid-transformation, just fur replaced where the human skin was. But this is a really cool transformation, but that eye thing was kind of odd. XD

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