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Help the Monster Museum

This coronavirus shutdown sucks for everybody. But it sucks more for some than for others. Those who depend on public gatherings to make money—like movie theaters, restaurants, Theatre companies (like mine), and museums—are going to feel the sting the most strongly. Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum in Boulder City, Nevada, is not immune. Tom has asked for help in keeping his Monster Museum open—or, more to the point, keeping the rent paid on his property so that he can reopen when the pandemic eases and he is allowed—by starting a gofundme page. Please consider making a donation, even if a small one. The small ones add up quickly.

If you don’t want to donate, how about you buy something from the Museum store? They’ve got some cool stuff. I just picked up a new “I Heart Monsters” T-shirt designed by Tom himself.

You can read about my visit to the Monster Museum here. I saw some of the original puppets from the PUPPETMASTERS movies, including Weremacht the Nazi soldier werewolf. He has some of the original CRITTERS too.

I love the place, and I really like Tom a lot. I hope you’ll help me in helping him out.

The Evil Cheezman • April 21, 2020

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