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Help Resurrect the Museum of Mystery

Earlier today I reported that a fire had destroyed Wolf’s Museum of Mystery, one of may favorite places in the world. The MOM had closed up shop in Saint Augustine, Florida but was all set to reopen this Spring in New York state, inside an historic former church building. The owners, Wolf and Ali Mertz, who are friends of mine, had gone to the store to buy some things. Before they got back, they received word that the building was fully engulfed. It and everything in it was a total loss. I have lost a friend. A friend of mine has died. It’s just that my friend in this case happened to be a place and not a human.

Wolf and Ali had been collecting oddities and rarities for over thirty years. Every piece in their collection was irreplaceable, a one of its kind item. They lost *everything*. And not only did they lose everything that made up the Museum, they lost their home, as they lived in the same building wherein the Museum was to operate. And most tragic of all, as the Mertz’s are big- time animal lovers, they lost an entire menagerie of pets, too. They are devastated, literally devastated.

A friend of theirs has started a gofundme page. Please, folks, consider making a donation. If everyone who regularly follows this site would donate just one measly dollar, they’d exceed their total goal exponentially.

First and foremost, my friends are without a place to live and even without clothes to wear. We have to take care of those needs. And then the even greater task: we have to help them start rebuilding the Museum of Mystery. It CAN be resurrected. Just like a monster in a schlocky old Horror flick, it WILL live again. But not without our help.

Please make a donation today. And thank you from the bottom of my black, frigid little heart.

The Evil Cheezman • February 12, 2019

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