Help Make a New Werewolf RPG Happen on Kickstarter

Lie to survive and determine which of your friends is lying to kill you in this familiar twist on the popular role playing game, Mafia.

Two different awesome decks, one set in the North Pole, the other set in a werewolf infested village, –the decks are awesome, the guys making them are super generous, and plus, the story and the flow of the game looks like a lot of fun. 

It’s not as deeply involved as MtG, and it doesn’t require the insane investment of time, energy, and money as anything produced by White Wolf. It’s just a fun, adventure-filled indie RPG. They only need about $1700 in the next 8 days, and they’re giving out great benefits to donators. Check it out, drop a buck. We need more werewolf stuff anyway.

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