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Hell Hath No Fury…

In the interests of full disclosure, Gilles de Rais scholar Margot Juby is an online friend of mine. I am a little something of a Rais scholar myself, as I had to do a bit of research when I wrote my play BLUEBEARD: THE TRIAL OF GILLES DE RAIS (forgive the shameless self-promotion), but Margot makes me look like a true lightweight. Her contention is that Gilles de Rais, the man who served as the primary inspiration for the fairytale monster Bluebeard, was not the perverted murderer of hundreds of children he has been made out to be, that he was in fact framed. Honestly—again, in the interest of full disclosure—I don’t know if I buy it completely. But I will say this: if I were sitting on a jury, Margot has raised more than enough in the way of reasonable doubt that I would have to vote for acquittal. No question about that.

Not too long ago, Margot tangled with a troll. Poor troll. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. (Public service announcement for all you aspiring trolls out there: If you’re gonna get into an online tussle with someone over a given subject, make sure it isn’t with someone who is a credited expert in said subject.) In the interest of fairness—for the third time—this dude doesn’t qualify as a true troll, as he kept his ramblings contained to his own personal Facebook page. But he does resort to some trollish behavior and more than a little in the way of trollish language. The exchange is funny as hell to read.

To give you an idea of the class of person to which this pseudo-troll seemingly belongs (as much as can be gleaned from a Facebook presence), check out this direct quote: “A non-trivial number of people who crave the dick of long-dead serial killers…” One could intuit so much on a psychological basis just from that remark, as sex was a crazy non sequitur at that point. Then he goes on to refer to “Bluebeard-fellating twaddle.” Why this seeming fixation on penises? And then he started playing the victim. “Why’s everybody pickin’ one me?!”-kinda stuff. In all fairness, pseudo-troll, you fired the first shot, and in a public post, when you called Margot’s research “stupid.” Them’s the risks you run when you issue public insults. People might just insult you back. Speaking just for myself, I make no allegations and offer no insults. I’m just presenting some observations. You didn’t exactly make yourself look good, here, dude. Maybe next time just admit that you’re *not* an expert on the subject, and don’t insult people who are? But to each his own.

The pseudo-troll dude, it would seem, is not a Trump supporter, so he gets credit for that. And he does advocate for inserting a Gilles de Rais character into a Castlevania game, and making this character a werewolf, and I’m all for that. I would probably be relegated to another example of “Bluebeard-fellating twaddle”, but I second his suggestion, all the same. Not because I am firmly convinced that Gilles de Rais was guilty—I remain undecided—but because a Gilles de Rais werewolf character sounds like fun.

Lastly, “Bluebeard-fellating twaddle” may be the best name for an Alternative band I’ve heard in a ‘coon’s age. Brilliant.

The Evil Cheezman • February 5, 2019

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