Haunting History: 5 of the Best Werewolf Legends

For most, the love for werewolves sprang from a classic horror film or a supernatural TV show, but for me, it was in a history book. There are countless werewolf myths and legends throughout the world from the days when people once believed in the paranormal. Those are the tales I love. Werewolf lore is my passion. There are so many spectacular and eerie werewolf legends, but below are some of my favorites.

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The Werewolf of Death
I love the myth of Luison, it’s so perfectly eerie. Luison is a creature from Guaraní mythology. He is part wolf, part human and smells of death and decay. He is lord of death and protector of cemeteries.

The Lycanthropous Stream
There is an old legend that tells of a magical stream that can transform an individual into a werewolf. The legend appears to be European in origin, but beyond that there’s very little information on it. That’s part of my love for this myth – the mystery of it. Does this magical stream really exist? And if so, where is it? It reminds me of the fountain of youth.

How to Become a Werewolf
According to folklore, there are many ways to become a werewolf. I find it amazing that hundreds of years ago people genuinely believed these things. Like, eating the brain of a wolf would make you a werewolf, or being born on Christmas Eve made you a werewolf, or not going to confession for 10 years. So SO many! And people actually believed this stuff! It’s fascinating.

Marching Werewolves
This is another mysterious legend, one that I desperately wish I knew more about. It tells the tale of a group of wicked humans who are drawn from their homes and forced to march throughout town, losing their human forms on the way and transforming into a wolves. After 12 days have passed they become human again. I highly suggest reading the full legend (click the title), it’s different.

Bleeding Medicine
I love the history of this tale. It mixes superstitious beliefs with old medical beliefs. It’s fantastic! Remember learning about bleeding a person in history class? Doctors thought that to cure someone of their illness they simply had to drain that person of blood. Being bleed was once a common practice and one with ties to werewolves.

And there you have it werewolf lovers. 5 of my favorite werewolf myths and legends. I have MANY more favorites, but I’ll stop myself here. What do you think of these old folktales?

– Moonlight

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