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Hatin’ on Sasquatch

This is something I’ve encountered repeatedly online. There is a real hostility towards the notion that Bigfoot is a supernatural being, rather than just some animal. There are groups on Facebook devoted to all things Bigfoot, but if you were to join in a discussion and suggest that Bigfoot is anything other than some undiscovered species of anthropoid, they’ll boot you from the group! Why this hostility? Even I, in years past, felt a small version of it. I didn’t like to read of the accounts where a Bigfoot was sighted immediately before or after a UFO or something like that, sometimes actually seen exiting a UFO. I too wanted Bigfoot to be an animal. Why is this? I honestly don’t know.

A protracted study of all the evidence led me to the conviction that Bigfoot IS a supernatural entity. Sorry, haters, but he is NOT just an undiscovered species of ape. Apes, even really large ones, like Gigantopithecus, even if they are also intelligent in proportion to their extreme size, cannot manage to appear and disappear into thin air, which is precisely what Bigfoot has been reported as doing on numerous occasions. And if the creature were JUST an ape, we would have found hard evidence by now to prove its existence. It is mathematically impossible that we would not have. Bigfoot, whatever he is, is anything but a dumb animal.

The Evil Cheezman • July 19, 2018

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