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Happy Birthday, TWIN PEAKS!

Thirty years. That’s absolutely mind-blowing to me. How in the hell did thirty years slip past me so quickly? Like sands through the hourglass and all that. (But damn, sand, slow it up a bit, will ya?!) TWIN PEAKS debuted on ABC on Sunday, April 8th, 1990. I remember it so well. I’d never seen anything like it. Nobody had. The show became an instant hit; despite its debut success, mismanagement by the network, negligence bordering on criminal, would hamstring the show and lead to its cancellation after season two. The show, though, wouldn’t die. It had its third season in 2017. And I firmly believe—I have faith—that there will be more. In David Lynch I trust.

Stars Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick (who is still smokin’ hot 30 years later) commemorated the anniversary by doing livetweet and Instagram sessions. Said Amick: “We premiered our intensely quiet little underdog of a show exactly 30 years ago–April 8, 1990…and then it exploded…and changed television (and films) forever!” That it did.

Here is a neat look back from Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee, and series co-creator Mark Frost. And yes, Frost does comment on that rumored season four: “In terms of making more TWIN PEAKS, I never say never. Who would have expected us to come back when we did? That being said, I think [season three] stands on its own really effectively, and we’ll just have to wait and see.” Yes, season three does stand on its own. And yes, we will wait—but perhaps not so patiently.

The Evil Cheezman • April 21, 2020

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