Happy B-Day to Seth Green! Give the Gift of Favorite Oz Moments!

Ah, Seth Green, the man who re-introduced the werewolf to popular culture, instead of letting the big bad beasty stay locked up and back in the days of …ugh, celluloid. Black and white werewolves have their charm, don’t get me wrong, they even have a certain class and elegance. Wolfman is always going to be, well, the man. But werewolves are best when they’re hunting in widescreen, full color, and ready to rip the heads off their lovers and eat harmless domesticated pets. So while sure, there were the occasional werewolves in the movies, it was long before Twilight, the remake of Wolfman, the Underworld series, and it barely arrived at the same time as the werewolves in Paris that… vastly disappointed fans of An American Werewolf in London.

But happy birthday to Seth Green! He resurrected the werewolf, and he did it fabulously, while being the funny quirky 90’s actor we all know and love, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, –and he even brought in another werewolf… sure it was only one episode, but he definitely showed us how hot werewolf sex is by being… odd. And he even killed his werewolf girlfriend in order to protect Willow, his witch girlfriend… who later on turns lesbian, for Tara, another witch who turns mental, later on. But yeah, anyway, Seth Green played Oz, the best werewolf ever, –for about half a season of Buffy, before they I guess, lost his costume, and had to buy a way cheaper one that looks more like really fuzzy monkey pajamas.

I almost wish I could buy him a birthday present. How about, we all think of our favorite Oz moments? Mine is when they’re all sitting around in the library, in the Buffy episode when she can read minds, ‘Earshot’ (s03e18). Anyway, at this point, she’s reading minds and oz, always the quiet monosyllabic, enigmatic one, is thinking, “I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me and she becomes me. I cease to exist.” But out loud, all he says is “Hmm,” and he even looks vaguely amused. So that’s our birthday present to Seth, –what’s yours?

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