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Happy Anniversary, Montauk Monster!

Ten years ago, the Montauk Monster set off a nationwide panic.

Okay, so there was no actual panic. More like nationwide curiosity. And “monster” is probably stretching it a little. It was some kind of animal, a dead one, but not a particularly big one. And unlike the vast majority of actual monsters, this one failed to return from the dead to wreak havoc, or to wreak anything, for that matter. It was just gross and weird-looking. First sighted in its established dead and gross condition by three friends, Jenna Hewitt, Courtney Fruin, and Rachel Goldberg on a beach off Montauk, New York on July 12, 2008, the carcass conveniently disappeared before anyone could examine it. It could have been a decomposing raccoon with its fur removed. It could have been a decomposing turtle without a shell. It could have been a gaffe made of latex and not decomposing but smeared with Vaseline to give it that slimy look.

Then again, as Montauk, with its history of top-secret military bases and strange experiments served as the inspiration for Hawkins, Indiana in a little show you may have heard of, STRANGER THINGS, the creature could have been the pupal stage-version of some kind of interdimensional monster or laboratory-created biological weapon that escaped. If that’s the case, we should all hope that it really is dead or that the shady government types managed to recapture it before it hit a growth spurt.

Wherever you are, Montauk Monster, happy anniversary. Thanks for dropping by and making things more interesting. Come back anytime.

The Evil Cheezman • August 10, 2018

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