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HAINT BLUE: The Wolf And The Bear

I will be offering my official review of the second installment of HAINT BLUE: THE ROCKFORD HAUNTING over at our sister site vampires.com. One facet of the story, however, I felt should be covered here on this site. It is necessary for you to be passingly familiar with the story of HAINT BLUE to appreciate this vignette. Author Jenny Scott and her family moved into an ordinary-looking house in 2012, but the house ended up being anything BUT ordinary and the family pulled a George and Kathy Lutz (of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR fame) and hauled ass outta there, pronto. (I don’t blame ’em. Had it been me, I wouldn’t have stuck it out as long as they did.) The chronicle is broken up into two books. The first tells of the haunting itself, and the second installment tells the story of paranormal researcher Kim Johnston and her investigation of the case.

Ms. Johnston began to experience the haunting herself during the course of the investigation, the evil seemingly following her home and following her around. One night she spoke to a psychic/spiritualist friend of hers, and he told her not to worry, that he would send two “guardian spirits” to protect her, a Wolf and a Bear. Johnston felt much comforted when her husband, who knew nothing about her conversation with this individual and nothing about the Bear or the Wolf, told her that he had heard a wolf howling outside their home a short time later that night.

Reading about the Wolf spirit here depicted as a positive force, as a protector, it was too intriguing not to share with followers of this site. Has anyone out there ever had a similar experience with the Wolf totem?

The Evil Cheezman • May 18, 2018

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