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Habeas Corpus Sasquatchus

This article from Mysterious Universe asks a question that is repeated frequently among those of a skeptical bent: If Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, exists, then why have we—with “we” being human beings—never found any remains? There are some credible explanations for why this might be, and that’s assuming that no remains ever *have* been found, and some maintain that there have been. More on that in a second.

Do Bigfoot bury their dead? There are those who claim to have witnessed Bigfoot funerals. That would certainly make it harder for us to find evidence, but we should remember that most fossils are also buried, and we find them all the time. Alleged incidents of people coming across Bigfoot corpses, unburied, in the woods always end with the body disappearing sans hard evidence. Carried away by other Bigfoots? Or were the accounts hogwash to begin with?

Can the natural breaking down of dead bodies that occurs in any wilderness setting explain the lack of physical remains recovered? Between insects, scavengers, and the elements, dead bodies of any kind don’t tend to stick around for long in the woods. Or, if Bigfoot is an other-dimensional entity, as I and numerous others believe, maybe they just take the bodies of their dead with them back to wherever.

Now about that potential evidence: what about all those “giant” skeletons unearthed in America’s early days. Those, when officially recognized at all, were identified as human. Might they have been Bigfoot skeletons? Might Bigfoot be a larger, hairier version of humans?

The Evil Cheezman • March 5, 2020

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