Guest Post: The Best Scene in a Book by Elizabeth J Kolodziej

I am a picky writer. My name is Elizabeth J Kolodziej and I am the author of the Last Witch Series. However, I recently took a side character from that series and gave him his own novella.

Zou Tai is a beloved Werewolf from the series and I knew everyone would want to know what happened to him during Witch Devotions since he doesn’t show up a lot. Salvaged Pieces of a Werewolf Lost gives you a deeper look into his character and is easy to read even if you haven’t read the first two books in the series since it a whole new story that is its own entity.

However, what I truly want to talk about is what I said in the first sentence, I am picky writer. Though I love every scene I write, there are particular scenes I like to write more and get inspired from.

One type of scene is the realization between to the characters that should wind up together. The realization when the guy/girl sees something within the other person that makes them think, wow, I do love this person.

I took and excerpt from Zou Tai’s novella to show you what I mean:

Malena was smart, just not when it came to emotions other than anger and rage. “You don’t understand.” I got up from the bed and took her hand in mine.

“No. I don’t. So why don’t you explain it to me?” Squinting her eyes at me she raised her brow. “Do you love this human I smelled on you?”

My jaw dropped to the floor. “What?”

“You do.” She shook her head.


“Then what is it?”

When I first met her, Malena’s beauty was breath taking; however it wasn’t until this moment that I realized I should trust her <trust being the biggest part of a relationship>. Though impulsive, she had been a huge help when Isaac Davis was killing our kind. Being the inquisitor she should never have been as protective of me as she was, but she stood up for me against Trent and everyone else. Even though all I thought was she was being a brass woman. And what she had said just a little while ago…I was a blind fool.

“I’m sorry I didn’t see it before, Malena.” Muscles tense, she tried to take a step back but I wouldn’t let her, throwing her back on the bed. “I’m an idiot.” I kissed her throat before running my hand between her legs. Her heat washed over my fingers and the intensity grew between us. Lips meet again as I stroked her hair. “Forgive me.”

Her hands roamed over my back, running over every toned muscle that moved under her fingertips as I felt her hips graze my own. I growled from the pleasure racing through my veins as my kiss became fierce. “I’m not sure what you want forgiveness for.” A sultry tone rose as I began removing her clothes.

“I’ll tell you later.” I pulled down her jeans and threw her shoes off. Sucking in a breath as I stared at her remarkable naked body I couldn’t deny my urges any longer.

I really hope you enjoyed learning about me and my writing woes and loves. I hope you will take a look at the book and give me a look in to YOUR favorites parts in a book or writing a book.

“Zou Tai is lost after learning his birth caused his blood to be connected to the evil King Lycaon, the original werewolf. Needing to find answers about his lineage he decides to go to Japan and seek the elder monk.

However, the worst of it all happens when he is told one of the Thirteen Werewolf Warriors is killed by Japanese vampires. Knowing the warriors are the strongest of any other werewolf, the prince of werewolves grows suspicious over the death of his beloved friend. Especially after he finds out Tadashi was in love with a female human, breaking a law that is punishable by death.

When he locates the woman Tadashi loves, more questions are raised when she points the finger at Zou Tai’s cousin and magistrate, Deshi. With more questions than answers Zou Tai is pitted between his friends and the laws that bind him. But why would the magistrate have wanted to kill Tadashi? And how were the crazy Japanese vampires involved?”

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