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Guardians of Luna: New Werewolf Anime!

Werewolves + anime/manga = non-existence. It is -ridiculously- hard to find a great werewolf anime. Werewolves are something you don’t see in Japanese culture, because they have their own version: the kitsune, a demon that has reared its head in some of the weirdest places, –including the Vampire Diaries book series. Weird, yeah? Well, finally, they’re coming out with a werewolf anime! Could you just pee for excitement’s sake? And if you’re worried it’s going to suck, wait for it, –it’s being co-written and co-developed by Michael Reaves. Yes! The man behind Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’, –which, as any decent nerd knows, was awesome.

Anyway, the new anime is called (duh), The Guardians of Luna. Toon Zone managed to get a screener copy of the first episode (lucky bastards!) and have spilled a few juicy details.

“The main focus early on is Carson Stone, a botanist who has recently moved to Steelhenge. While roaming the city around dusk he finds an 8pm curfew is in place. It’s only known to its citizens and exists to protect them from monsters.

Carson is unable to make his way home in time and quickly discovers the penalty for breaking curfew, being pursued large robots (HILAs) with treads and stun lasers. …He finds himself in Doppler park, which is currently experiencing an odd phenomenon that takes place only during a full moon; it is replaced by the ancient grounds which once existed there known as Shaman’s Helm.

It’s here where we’re introduced to the tribe of the Gurnn, we learn that Carson was drawn to Steelhenge to answer the call of his lineage and where he is given the weapons of Luna. Upon his return to the here and now, he experiences his first transformation and instinctively uses the weapons as they’re intended. He gives our other heroes the weapons they’re destined to use as he meets them, one by one, for the first time.

Interestingly, none of the heroes really want to be together, one of them going so far as to leave a couple of times…

The enforcer of the aforementioned curfew is Constantine Voira, who is less than altruistic in offering the protection to its citizens. The Voiras built Steelhenge and Constantine carries out the family traditions as kingpin while seeking the power contained within Shaman’s Helm. He looks to play a big part in the series.”

Sounds awesome! According to the reviewer, the series is constantly being refined; more details are added to illustrations, and updated consistently. Recently, the production blog for GoL let us know that John Noble (Walter Bishop of TV’s Fringe, and Lord of the Rings’ Denethor) was added to the cast. So it’s not just going to be a bunch of obscure Japanese voice actors, or worse, horribly lackluster anonymous Americans reading the dialogue for dubbing, –they’ve actually planned to have some kind of cast. Can werewolves make a comeback?! Hell yea.

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annimi • June 8, 2010

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