Grimm Returns March 8th with all new episodes

Grimm won’t be back for a long while, not until March 8 (booo!). To tide you over until then I’ve got a heated promo video of episode 13, as well as some dish from the cast on what’s to come. Check it out!

Grimm-Series-PosterIn the new Grimm trailer (below), we see that Nick will find out quite a bit about the Royals, Adalind and Captain Renard. Once he discovers that Renard is the Royal in Portland, the two of them are going to engage in one epic battle.

Sasha Roiz (Renard) recently talked about the big fight that Nick and Renard get into, “I was very excited to finally have a confrontation,” adding “It’s going to be a powder keg.”

David Giuntoli (Nick) said that the situation between the two “finally comes to a…” “Kerfuffle,” Roiz added helpfully, to which Giuntoli replied. “He had a height advantage on me but I had a rage advantage.” Giuntoli also said that he was starting to enjoy more of the fight scenes. “I like learning the tricks of that,” but he also likes to play the “deep emotional” stuff as well.

Watch the trailer:

Here are a few more goodies the cast and crew had to share:

Rosalee will return. Bree Turner said, “[Rosalee’s] aunt is fine. She’s healed up and I do come back just in time in regards to Juliette’s condition and all that stuff.”

Adalind will be bitchier. Claire Coffee said, “Adalind can get much bitchier; bitchier beyond my wildest dreams.” She also added, “I’ve been doing a lot of research on psychopaths” for the role and that Adalind will be “more focused on this supreme amount of power” she can achieve.

No monster info for Wu. Reggie Lee said that Wu “has been so much fun for me to play.” On Wu knowing about the Grimm world, “I don’t think every character can know everything all at once. If everyone knew, it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch.”

Monroe will continue to battle both sides of his personality. On playing both parts of Monroe, Silas Weir Mitchell said, “As an actor it’s a delight to have these two poles you can go towards at anytime. There’s the hermit-like clockmaker and there’s the guy who wants to run through the woods and get down with your girlfriend.” He also added that, “The more difficult it is as a character, the more fun it is as an actor.”

What do you think of what the new promo and what the cast had to say about the rest of Grimm season 2?

Grimm returns to NBC on March 8, 2013 at 9pm.

– Moonlight

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