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I’ve already offered a review of the new HALLOWEEN movie over at our sister site darkness.com and commented on its parallels to DARK SHADOWS over at vampires.com, so I need not say anything else about it here. Only I want to. My enthusiasm is such that I feel the need to gush. The sequel shows what can happen when you get a great script, great directors, and people involved who truly care about the quality of the product they are creating and mix them all together. The movie is damn near perfect. And you can probably forget about the “damn near” part.

Given what he was able to do with the HALLOWEEN franchise, it’s exciting to hear writer/director David Gordon Green mentioning some possible upcoming projects, among them doing his own version of CRITTERS. I adore the furry, fanged little alien beasts, despite the fact that all the CRITTERS movies have been, well, terrible, if we’re honest. Not even bad in a fun way. Just lousy. I have long clamored for a big-budget remake of the CRITTERS, where the material is treated seriously (relatively speaking). While this might just be a throwaway comment from Green and such a movie will never get made, it’s a fun idea to contemplate.

The Evil Cheezman • October 30, 2018

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