I’ve got more werewolf video game news for you! Gorehounds is an upcoming game from Subscience Studios and it’s packed full of werewolf badassery. It’s a fighting game that pits werewolves against other werewolves. It’s an idea that werewolf fans will either love or totally hate, but at least it’s not one we have seen over and over again. Check out the details below:

From the Gorehounds website:

gorehounds thumbGOREHOUNDS is an exciting fighting game from the minds at Subscience Studios.

Play as one of 12+ Werewolf-esque creatures in an exciting tournament to decide who is the best alpha wolf.

Use a variety of Claw Attacks, Bite Attacks, Blade Attacks, Combos and Special Moves to eliminate your adversaries.

Introducing an exciting “Dismemberment” Technique to slow down your foes and reduce the chance of combos.  A new tactic never before seen in fighting games. Tear your enemy’s arm off, as he/she tries to defend themselves before regenerating a new one; you are now open to perform your deadly moves with greater chance of success.

With the addition of new fighting techniques, GOREHOUNDS also pledges to be “the goriest fighting game yet,” and Subscience Studios is working hard at dramatic new blood effects and player visible damage.

GOREHOUNDS is coming to next-gen systems and PC in 2014!

Here is some game art:


Tell us what you think? Do you like the idea of werewolves fighting other werewolves? Or would you prefer the werewolves battling it out with other creatures? Let us know in a comment below.

– Moonlight

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  1. Sounds interesting. There really hasn’t been a good video game involving werewolves and the like since Hudson Soft went out of business. They brought us the Bloody Roar series. RIP.

  2. Sounds better than that Werewolf The Apocalypse 2d fighter I was trying to envision back in the early 90s…all i had were drawings and concepts of what the engine would feel like: SF Alpha 2 with the ability to cycle through Gifts and activate them with a blowback effect like Marvel Superheroes’ gem activation. Launchers and air chain combos in Crinos only, etc. I hope this isn’t a scrubby button-masher with no hitstun.

    1. dude I would reeeeeealy like more info about your Werewolf The Apocalypse 2d fighter, even change emails and send me your drawings and concepts. Contact pleeeeeez

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