Gladiators vs Werewolves Updates from Paul Davis

The director of ‘Beware the Moon’, Paual Davis, is working on some new stuff, –namely, “Gladiators vs Werewolves”. Beware the Moon was a retro-visual documentary about An American Werewolf in London, –the film took a look at the cast, their feelings and their recollections of the film from way back when werewolves were still scary, –not necessarily emotional high school kids in love with other emotional high school kids. Now Paul Davis is putting his creative work towards gladiators fighting werewolves in an ultimate battle, –man versus man-beast, skill versus ferocity, teeth versus sword, –and yeah, fur versus a chestnut wave.

The synopsis came out in March with a pretty awesome poster, over on DreadCentral. Basically, it’s about gladiators being forced to fight werewolves; big surprise. The thing is, the werewolves are smart enough to multiply in number, –and from there, things get pretty bad. Anyway, Paul Davis gets a chance to reveal what’s going on so far with his new flick:

“It is happening,” Davis continues. “From my understanding we kick it off around November. A lot of exciting things going on. Shaune Harrison, who is currently working on Captain America for Marvel, has done some wonderful work so far on the werewolf designs and sculpts. These are some badass looking werewolves. I mean, if you’ve seen the poster, that’s how they look in person. All I have to do now is get my arse in shape.””

So basically, Shaune Harrison is working on the creatures, –which is very cool, but other than that, Davis is slacking? You’re right buddy, you definitely need to get your ‘arse in shape.’ We need another awesome werewolf movie ASAP!


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