Girl with the Red Riding Hood Cast is Getting Better and Better!

As new details pop up surrounding the Gothic re-imagining of the classic fairy tale, rife with repressed sexuality, Little Red Riding Hood, the cast members recruited for the film are just getting greater. Sure there are a few mediocre actors tossed in there, –such as Max Irons, who were recently added to the cast, but there are also a few excellent actors, like Gary Oldman. Oldman joins rising stars Shiloh Fernandez and Amanda Seyfried.

Max Irons is set to play a young man engaged to Seyfried’s character, –the one being terrorized by the ‘wolf’, who is supposed to be a werewolf, of course. No word as of yet on who the werewolf will be, but Shiloh Fernandez is going to play the handsome wood cutter, orphaned and totally in love with Little Red. Julie Christie, you know, Madame Coke-Bottle-Glasses, from Harry Potter, is supposedly going to be cast in the role of Little Red’s mom. Sadly, Leonardo DiCaprio is not going to actually be in it, he’s only paying for it, ahem, ‘producing’ it, with his production company Appian Way. He won’t actually have any creative license over the film either, which is too bad, because we love Leo… he’s brilliant. And sexy. Unless he’s co-starring with Johnny Depp in a particular 90s flick…

Gary Oldman is going to play the ‘Witchfinder General’, Father Solomon, a religious nut whose job it is to eradicate all things even remotely supernatural, which doth include werewolves, thou fiend! Girl with the Red Riding Hood will probably cast a couple more seasoned actors, but will most likely focus on a young Hollywood cast, –following a popular trend. Max Irons, son of Jeremy ‘Pad-the Part-as-much-as-Possible’ Irons, may also be in the fourth and final Pirates of the Caribbean film. Get out of the way, Oscar winners, the youngsters are moving on in! Er, for better or worse.

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