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Getting’ a Wild Hair

These new figures from Wild Hair Creations are adorable. Which one is your favorite? I already ordered my favorite of the lot, Mothman, but they’re all cute. I don’t like so much the design they used for the Jersey Devil figure, leaning a lot more on the “devil” part of it instead of trying to recreate what has been described in the eyewitness accounts. I prefer the Yeti figure over the Bigfoot one (although I give props to the designers for giving Bigfoot a camera!) and I love that redheaded Cthulhu! (As a fictional creation, Cthulhu doesn’t really belong among a collection of cryptids, but I won’t complain.)

If I was going to order a second one of the pack, though (and let us be honest, I in all probability will), I’d have to go with the Chupacabra. It’s an unusual look for a Chupa. He looks more like a werewolf than the standard Chupacabra. He also, thanks to the expression on his face, kinda looks like my friend Joe. To my knowledge, however, Joe did not serve as the model for the figure.

Yes, these are essentially those standard troll figures, only done up as monsters from cryptozoology. So what? It’s an ingenious idea if a simple one. And the toys are cute. They’re gonna sell on the cute factor, and by appealing to the senses of humor of guys like me, guys who study cryptids and find the idea of cute little figures fashioned in their images humorous.

The Evil Cheezman • July 25, 2019

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