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Get Your Radioactive Maneating Dog Here!

Forgive me for being hyperbolas. To my knowledge none of the wild stray dogs currently living at Chernobyl are maneaters. Supposedly they aren’t even radioactive. I’m not trusting enough to go bringing one of ‘em into my home, but you can, if you are so inclined. The concept of a radioactive maneater is probably fiction. It’s possible, sure, but anything is possible. It just isn’t very probable. Unless we see it happen on a movie screen sometime. Even so, it’s fodder for the imagination, isn’t it? What might a mutated maneating mutt look like?

The true story of the Chernobyl dogs is a tragic one. When the nuclear power plant had its meltdown in 1986, they evacuated the entire nearby town. The evacuees were not allowed to take their pets. The Russian government sent in soldiers to kill all the remaining animals, but they missed some. Those survivors, dosed with radiation but still alive, bred and kept breeding. Their descendants today roam the ruins of Chernobyl. There are estimated to be some 1000 of them.

By the way, there are also wild wolves at Chernobyl. There were wolves there in 1986. There were wolves exposed to massive amounts of radiation, which then survived to reproduce.

Forget worrying about radioactive maneating *dogs*, then. What about the *wolves*?

The Evil Cheezman • March 1, 2019

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