Get Ready for More of Our Favorite Lycans in Underworld 4!

If you thought that producers had taken werewolves howling at the moon to new heights, wait until you see Underworld 4! There has been a lot of talk about this movie, and a lot of rumors about whether or not it’s actually happening. Now there has been confirmation from several sites including Bloody Disgusting, that yes, next year we can expect to see all of our favorite lycans and vampires back in action, fighting against each other. And rumors have it that this time, it’s in space! Hmm…werewolves howling from the moon rather than at the moon. Cool. And there’s tons more.

The movie is also said to be in 3D so along with your space suits, make sure you have those funky shades with ya before you head out for this one. And just when can you expect to head out at all? Again it’s all rumors at this point, but word is that it’s set to be released in January 2011.

Kate Beckinsale has been the center of a lot of talk surrounding the movie. Will she or won’t she come back to reprise her role as Selene? Well…maybe. She is supposedly set to take up a very small role in the film but, according to the same rumors, she’s also trying to find a way to get out of it. Considering that the director, Len Wiseman, is her husband, it’s hard to say. Kate can probably get whatever she wants in any situation. And their daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, is also set to get a bigger role in the movie, playing young Selene.

This role reversal has led many to speculate that the movie might be a sort of prequel, instead of a sequel to Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. I would be tempted to agree with this but, space? Looking back in time to when space is the setting? Something’s just not adding up for me. But the good news is that we have an entire year to keep speculating about it and gathering tidbits here and there. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

– Kate


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