Get a Werewolf Pet in the Sherwood Dungeon MMO!

I have a hopeless addiction, that I think I’ve shared once or twice on here: I am terminally addicted to browser games and MMORPGs. So of course, when I found out that I can have my very own werewolf pet, in Sherwood Dungeon, I did a small, completely uninhibited happy dance. Sherwood Dungeon is a browser-based RPG that was recently updated; there’s a new area, some bug fixes of course, but most importantly, two awesome new pets. One of them is the Huntress, which is some female warrior that belongs to a clan of pillaging barbarians, but the other new pet is… dun dun dun, the Lycan! That’s right, you get your very own werewolf pet in the game; he’s described as a ‘brutal man-beat with barbarian armor’. I bet he kicks absolute ass.

Gamasutra has all the awesome news on the latest update for Sherwood Dungeon:

Maid Marian Entertainment Inc., creator of the browser-based cult hit MMORPG, Sherwood Dungeon (, announced today that its 2.2 update is live. Continuing to reward its loyal fans with fresh content, players are presented with an entirely new location to explore, two more premium pets to purchase, and numerous community requested features, such as an expanded friends list.

The Fortress of Fury is the latest location where players can teleport; an island encircled by huge battlements and offering additional quests. These quests will have players battling new mobs with enemy variants of the Lycan and Huntress, and will reward players with new weapons upon completion.

The Lycan and Huntress are premium pets that can be purchased by players.

The Lycan is a brutal man-beast with barbarian type armor that can be found prowling the battlements of The Fortress of Fury. The Huntress is part of a deadly clan of female warriors pillaging Sherwood’s inhabitants. Those who purchase these premium pets have the option of fighting side by side with them in battle or transforming their character into the pets form.

Users can head over to to check out the 2.2 update – no sign-up or download is required. And, with the addition of the Zong SMS Mobile Phone Payment system, players all over the world can easily purchase premium companions for their enjoyment, without the need of Paypal or a credit card.

Sherwood Dungeon proves that high-end fantasy gaming doesn’t need a box, a download, or a monthly subscription fee to deliver a quality experience to casual MMO players.”

And trust me, it’s not just “point, click, wait ten hours for enough energy/mana to play for five minutes, rinse, repeat”, –there’s actual stuff to do, places to go, and most importantly, plenty of things to kill or be killed by. The graphics are good, the game art is attractive, and most importantly, the game can keep you riveted. It also doesn’t make you wait forever like a Facebook game, in order to gain enough energy to do some pointless missions. In Sherwood Dungeon, you can use your little werewolf pet thing, to run around and wreak real havoc. Which is ideal, –and the cherry on top, is the addition of avatar-chat. Check it out and let us know what you think about the game, and the look of its newest premium pets!

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