George R.R. Martin Hints that Arya & Nymeria May Reunite in ‘The Winds of Winter’

“Arya sendt her beloved direwolf, Nymeria, away after the protective wolf bit Joffrey, the then heir of Robert Baratheon…”

The Stark children have always interacted with their direwolves metaphorically, their relationships open windows into their personalities; Sansa, –selfish, tragic, and left to the machinations of others lost her direwolf early. Arya as well, but has always seemed to find a companion, and has spent little time alone, or for that matter, as a tool to be used by others. 

Robb’s direwolf was a constant companion, but didn’t share the closer relationship that Jon Snow shares with his wolf, and the closest relationship between direwolf and Stark child is had between brothers Bran and Rickon, whom are both able to walk with their direwolves as wargs, or skin changers. Do you think Arya will inherit these powers as well?

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