Gamer Flashback: The Beast Within

It’s video game time! The Beast Within is a point-and-click computer adventure game that came out back in 1995. It’s actually the second game in the Gabriel Knight mystery series, however, the first game doesn’t have werewolves so it’s not worth mentioning (booo no werewolves).

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“The script weaves werewolf mythology and Bavarian history with sexual intrigue and businessmen’s quests for their primal roots. The puzzles and problems are challenging and cleverly integrated into the plot, and there is an ever-present sense of danger and anxiety. This is well-executed, visceral, mentally exhausting, and exciting entertainment.

You control two characters operating in concurrent and parallel courses. Gabriel Knight is the seemingly less-than-bright but smart-as-a-fox mystery writer and bookstore owner; Grace Nakimura is his less-than-trusting assistant. Knight has inherited a castle and the title of Schattenjaeger (a German word invented by the game’s writer, which means shadow hunter) that comes with it. Local villagers implore him to investigate the mysterious death of a little girl —caused, they believe, by a werewolf. Knight and Nakimura’s search for clues takes them to Munich, King Ludwig’s famous Neuschwanstein castle and Bavaria’s forested countryside. They encounter real-life drama, problem solving and detective work.”

I’ve never played The Beast Within, but after reading so many incredible reviews on it I definitely want to. Not only do I love adventure games, but anything that mixes history and the supernatural is pure awesome in my mind. Plus Neuschwanstein castle is featured in the game, which is my all-time favorite castle ever (and I’ve been to many), so that totally earns the game a few more awesome points.

What do you guys think? Even though it’s old, do you have any interest in playing it? If you have already played The Beast Within what did you think of it? Is it as good as the reviewers are saying?

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