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Gamer Flashback: Altered Beast

Most of you are too young to remember Altered Beast, actually even I’m too young to remember it, which is a shame because it’s a video game that stars a werewolf! It came out way back in 1988 as an arcade game by Sega, and was eventually ported to a few home consoles and computers. An updated arcade version was even released for Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade, with online leaderboards and everything.

Altered Beast is a classic side scrolling, platform, beat ’em up game that puts the player in control of a centurion (a Roman soldier) who died in battle. The centurion is raised from the dead to rescue Athena, Zeus’ daughter, from the Underworld after she is kidnapped by a demon god known as Neff.

Playing as a shapeshifter, the player battles hordes of undead and demonic creatures throughout the various levels. Along the way, the player has to obtain “Spirit Balls” by defeating white two-headed wolves (it’s a blue oxen in the DOS version). These spirit balls are power-up orbs that increase his strength and size and enable the player to turn into a superhuman (stage one: “giant man”, stage two: “superman”…). When three balls are collected, the hero transforms into a beast with kickass powers.

The game contains many levels which the player must battle through, however the player is required to reach the beast form in order to complete the level. The enemies the player encounters are different depending on the level as does the beast the hero transforms into. These beasts include a werewolf, a thunder dragon, a tiger man, a bear, and the more powerful golden werewolf (there are other beasts in the Japanese Famicom version and the Game Boy Advance version). Each beast has its own special abilities, as seen below:

  • Werewolf: While in this form, the player can throw balls of rock and fire and can also perform a flaming Dash attack which goes straight through enemies.
  • Weredragon: In this form, the player can fly, breathe lightning, and use powerful Laser Barriers to fry incoming enemies.
  • Werebear: In this form, the player can turn monsters to stone with Petri-Breath and also has a powerful body-spin attack that goes through enemies and shatters petrified ones instantly.
  • Weretiger: In this form, the player can throw fireballs that move in a wave pattern, and can dash straight up and down in a Vertical Flaming Dash attack.
  • Golden Werewolf: This form is a much more powerful version of the standard werewolf form, allowing the player to throw blazing balls of golden fire, and crush enemies with waves of golden fire in a dash attack.

What do you guys think? Have any of you played it? I think it sounds pretty badass, I may have to try and find a version of it to play.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • January 18, 2011

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