Game of Werewolves International Trailer and Poster Revealed

I don’t cover foreign werewolf films here all that much, mainly because there just aren’t all that many of them. However, there’s a werewolf flick coming stateside from Spain that has been getting loads of attention lately, so of course I had to give the movie a mention as well. The film is titled Game of Werewolves (originally Lobos de Arga) and two movies posters and an international trailer were recently released. Check them out!

“After 15 years, Tomas, a not very successful writer, comes back to the village in Galicia where his family comes from, Arga, apparently to get an award. But he doesn’t know the real reason why he is there, to end with an old curse that has been haunting the village for the last hundred years.”

The film was directed by Juan Martinez Moreno and stars Carlos Areces, Secun de la Rosa, Manuel Manquiña, Mabel Rivera and Luis Zahera.

Here are the two movie posters:

Now for the “international” trailer, which for some reason has no subtitles. So, unless you speak Spanish, all you can do it watch the pretty trailer and try to decipher what they’re saying. Good luck!


What do you guys think? I know it’s a bit difficult to get into a movie when you don’t even understand the trailer, but at least you have the plot synopsis and the imagery in the trailer to go on. I am a bit curious about the film myself, it must be something special to make a foreign debut in the US. Right?

Since I don’t speak Spanish, I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on Game of Werewolves. However, after staring at the official website and slowly remembering those Spanish classes I took in high school, I’m thinking it just might be March 2012.

– Moonlight

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  1. A young author goes to a town and he’s captured because they believe his blood may turn the werewolf back to human.

    Funny: I’m from Spain and I haven’t seen this trailer yet!

  2. It sounds similiar to a few other stories, mainly the 2nd Gabriel Knight book comes to mind.

    Sounds like it’d be worth checking out.

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